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Warung Kelapa Sawit, Juru – It’s All About Fish

Whenever there is nice food, the place will be packed with crowd regardless of the price or the ambiance. This is what happened at Warung Kelapa Sawit (The Little Stall at Palm Estate). The warung was set up in the middle of nowhere of a palm estate at Juru, Prai. This place is well known […]

Asiatique Lounge & Kitchen, Tanjong Tokong – Delightful Fusion Cuisine

Having a fine-dining or semi fine-dining Western food in Penang is very common. It can be simply found anywhere in Penang. However, having a semi fine-dining in fusion style is something rare in Penang, and this restaurant has bravely opened its doors and is known as Asiatique. The interior of this restaurant is very simple […]

Floating Restaurant (Restoran Terapung), Pulau Aman – Specialized in Seafood Eatery

Tired of having the same regular food in Penang island? Hoping to get something different on the usual weekend and have some adventurous trip? Well, worry no more! There is a place located at the mainland of Penang and you need to take a boat ride to the destination which is on an island. The […]

Hungry Go Where Food Trail – Where The Eatery Adventure Began

HungryGoWhere is also known as HGW. The term HGW is already well known to most Singaporeans. Whenever they feel hungry or run out of idea where to get food, they will search for this website or use the mobile app to hunt for good food or better dining ideas. HGW is supported by SingTel Digital Media Pte. […]

Hard Rock Hotel, Starz Diner – Breaking Fast at The Glamour Hotel

It’s another year of Fasting Month “Bulan Ramadhan” for all Muslims around the world. During this month Muslims will fast for the whole month in order to purify and cleanse their body and soul. The fasting of the day will only end at dusk when the announcement is made and prayer is done. At this […]

Chiam Chiam Rojak, Jalan Pantai – Simple and Delicious

Rojak is a mixed cut fruits served together with a mixture of chili sauce and shrimp paste. Rojak is a very common dessert in South East Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Most of the ingredients in a rojak are the same. The only difference is the way how the rojak is presented and […]

Pork Satay, New Lane – Uniquely Coconut Fragrance Satay

Variety is the keyword for Penang food. There are Penang food available in selection of culture, varieties of choice and also varieties in taste. One of the places in town that sell varieties of Penang food is the New Lane hawkers center. The food here range from Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Char Hor Fun and […]