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E & O Hotel, Sarkies Corner – Jamuan Buka Puasa

Bulan Ramadhan is the holy month for all Muslims in the world. During this month the Muslims will fast for the whole month in order to purify and cleanse the body and soul. The fasting of the day will only end at dusk when the announcement is made and prayer is done. At this time […]

Asiatique Lounge & Kitchen, Tanjong Tokong – Delightful Fusion Cuisine

Having a fine-dining or semi fine-dining Western food in Penang is very common. It can be simply found anywhere in Penang. However, having a semi fine-dining in fusion style is something rare in Penang, and this restaurant has bravely opened its doors and is known as Asiatique. The interior of this restaurant is very simple […]

Chiam Chiam Rojak, Jalan Pantai – Simple and Delicious

Rojak is a mixed cut fruits served together with a mixture of chili sauce and shrimp paste. Rojak is a very common dessert in South East Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Most of the ingredients in a rojak are the same. The only difference is the way how the rojak is presented and […]

Free Recipe @ Creamy Lemon Seafood Fusilli Pasta

Cooking can be very fun and easy. Especially cooking with fusion Italiano food. One of my favorites will be Creamy Lemon Seafood Fusilli. The recipe that I am using will be more simplified and easier to get than the usual authentic one. The recipe can serve 3 pax. The ingredients for this Creamy Lemon Seafood Fussili Pasta […]

Barkath Stall, Tanjung Bungah – Great Mee Goreng & Mee Rebus

There are many suggestions on where to get the best Mee Goreng and Mee Rebus in Penang. Some said at Bangkok Lane, while some even said at Esplanade. In fact, besides those places there is another place recommended by many Penangites. The mentioned stall is located at Tanjung Bungah. This place is slightly hidden from […]

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng Mee Rebus, Seng Lee Cafe – The Legendary Indian Noodle

When talking about the history and legendary of Indian noodle, which is Mee Goreng and Mee Rebus, only a handful of stalls can actually compete with the one at Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus. If you are coming from Komtar via Burmah Road heading to Pulau Tikus, you should see the Pulau Tikus police station on your right. Opposite the police station […]

Seven Bistro and Restaurant, Gurney Plaza – A Place to Take A Break

Seven Bistro and Restaurant is a new restaurant in Penang. It is not very hard to locate this restaurant at it is settled at Gurney Walk of Gurney Plaza, which is just next to Dome Cafe. Coincidently, I found myself to have taken only 7 pictures for this post. This is an exact match to the restaurant’s theme […]