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BOMB!! Bomb Alaska – Do you know that this bomb can be eaten? For those in new generation, surely you are not aware of this. However, for those that come from 70’s or 80’s you might notice that this used to be a finger food in pubs.

For those that had read my post previously, you might realize that I had mentioned that the pricing is on the high side at Yeng Keng Hotel. However, I need to clarify my statement.

This is my second visit to Yeng Keng Hotel as to make some clarification and also to check out their new dishes on the menu.

Spring Rolls, RM12.00 (per portion of 2 pcs) / RM24.00 for 4 pcs. After clarification done with the chef, the reason for the higher price is due to the use of ingredients including fresh crab meat, prawn meat and mixed veggie.

As mentioned before, this dish was good with the nice aroma of yam bean and other ingredients when it was cut into pieces. The skin was deep fried to crunchiness while the inner part maintained its juiciness.

Hainannese Mushroom Soup, RM10.00 (per portion for one person) / RM45.00 for big bowl serving of 10 persons, the soup was boiled with chicken stock, glass noodle, intestine of chicken and also mushroom. It was then finished with sprinkle of spring onions.

Hainanese style mushroom soup is not as thick as the western style. The soup is a clear type without the creamy texture of the western style. The main ingredient is chicken instead of mushroom in the western style.

Yeng Keng Chicken Chop, RM15.00 (per portion for one person) / RM30.00 for serving of 10 persons. The deep fried chicken thigh coated with batter was served together with homemade red sauce. The dish came together with a lot of fries, vegetables and topped with plenty of green peas, corns, carrot and mushroom slices.

As per last post, this chicken chop was neither an authentic Hainanese nor Classic’s Style. Instead it was a fusion type which combined both Hainanese and Classic Style. The deep fried chicken chop was very crunchy and juicy. It mixed very well with the red sauce and veggie.

Grilled Fish with Butter Sauce, RM18.00 (per portion for one person) / RM36.00 for serving of 10 persons. The fish fillet was grilled with lemon butter sauce and topped with lemon slices and olives. It was then served with sauteed potatoes, coleslaw and vegetables.

The taste of the grilled buttered fish was rich. However, they balanced it well with lemon. Rather than being too rich, the taste was appetizing instead. The fish was fresh and it was full of butter fragrance.

Braised Lamb Shank, RM35.00 (per portion for one person) / RM70.00 for serving of 10 persons, the lamb shank was marinated with seasoning and then double roasted. The ingredients of the sauce inclusive of black pepper, rosemary herbs, garlic and oil.

The texture of the lamb shank was soft. The sauce blended in very well with the meat and it was delicious.

Chicken Pie, RM25.00 (per portion for 3 – 5 persons) / RM35.00 for serving of 10 persons (extra filling). The pie was coated with brown crispy crust and filled with a mixture of chicken, mushroom slices, vegetable and other ingredients. The soup of this chicken pie was different and was not as thick and creamy as the usual one.

The pie crust had a nice aroma and was very crunchy. It is great to be served together with the chicken pieces and also the mix veggie.

Ar Or (Braised Duck with Yam), RM50.00 (half duck) / RM85.00 (whole duck). The duck meat was cut into cubes. It was then cooked with yam and other ingredients.

For those that love braised duck, this is the dish for you. However, I am not a fan of braised duck. Therefore, I just feel this is a normal dish for me.

Inchi Kabin, RM30.00 (whole chicken). The chicken was cut into cubes and marinated with salt, curry powder and coconut milk, then deep fried until crispy and crunchy.

The taste of the chicken was good. It was served together with several seasoning sauce made of lea and perrins, HP sauce, tomato sauce and also chili sauce.

Curry Tumis Pomfret Fish, RM100.00 – RM120.00 (Depending on market price) /Fish can be changed if early arrangement is made. The fish was cooked in semi-dried curry which was unusual as usually curry tumis has a more soupy style.

Some felt that the use of pomfret fish in this semi-dried curry style had made the texture of the fish dried up and hence wasted the fish. However, for me I can accept this stle. Moreover, it is so unique compared to those usual ones that we always have.

Bomb Alaska, RM20.00 per serving (Serves 4 person). The ingredients of this bomb are sponge cake slices, vanilla ice cream, mixed fruit and covered with egg white foam. Before served, it was torched with rum and it rolled down from the top of the bomb.

This dish has been extinct for some time. I haven’t tried this dish before. The texture of the egg white foam was very smooth and was soaked with flavour of rum.  The correct way to eat this dish is to put egg white, cake slice, ice cream and mix fruit into the mouth in one shot. This is a very unique and delicious dessert.

Overall, the food here is nice and price is quite reasonable. The most important thing is that this place serves dishes which are extinct from the local food scene.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Parking (Limited Space)
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 8:30am – 10:30am (breakfast); 12:00pm – 10:00pm (lunch and dinner) (7 days a week)
Contact: 04 263 3177; 012 427 1956 (Jacky Chung – GM)
Address:362, Chulia Street,10200, Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5° 41′ 91.00″ N, 100° 33′ 49.70″ E

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