Wah Cheong Stall (华昌鸭饭), Peace Hotel, Taiping – Special Sesame Cha Siew

For those who read about my post on Zi Zai Restaurant, I was mentioning about a secluded hotel called “Peace Hotel” in Chow Yun Fat movie. This time, for real the name of the restaurant is called Peace Hotel and is it located in a peaceful town of Taiping.


Peace Hotel is located in the town of Taiping and yet the shop is not on the Main Street. If you go to the town you will know how to get to Jalan Kota. At Jalan Kota if you see Watson’s on your right, keep driving to the next junction which is a one-way turning to the right. Keep driving for 30 meters and you will see Peace Hotel on your right hand side.


There are a few food stalls at this coffee shop. However, the only one that is unique and delicious is the stall at the front of the shop which is Wah Cheong Stall (华昌鸭饭).



The stall owner has been operating this stall for decades. For those who called Taiping as their hometown, the image of the uncle chopping and preparing duck rice seemed to be bringing back childhood memories.


Besides its famous roast pork and duck,  it is also famous for its delicious and healthy soup, the Wolf Berry Frog SoupGinseng Chicken Soup and etc. The price range of the soup is from RM7.00 – RM8.00.


  • Crispy Skin Fat Duck (脃皮肥鸭)
  • Crispy Skin Roast Pork (脃皮烧肉)
  • Sesame BBQ Pork (芝麻叉烧)
  • Five Spices Sausage (五香烧肠)

All in one RM16 per platter.


The all in one platter consisted of roast duck, roast pork, sesame barbecue pork and pork liver sausage.


The specialties of this plate is the sesame roast pork. The skin of the roast pork was covered with sesame and deep fried until crispy. The inner part of the meat was soft and tender. When placed the meat inside the mouth, the aroma of the sesame filled the entire mouth while the bite of the tender meat was simply divine. Besides the uniqueness of the sesame roast pork, the rest of the roast duck, bbq pork and sausage were equally good.


Another specialty here is the homemade chili sauce. The sauce was made of cut bird eye chili, lime juice, vinegar and some sugar. This is a slightly spicy yet appetizing add on. This is also one of my favorites.


Overall, the highlight here is the sesame roast pork. However, for those who feel that having all meat is not favorable, you can opt for the soup as well. There are plenty of car parks around the restaurant. The taste of the food here is acceptably good. The only drawback is the price of the food is not as attractive. The price level is about the same as what we get in Penang.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:30am – 3:00pm, Close at 1st day of lunar calendar
Contact: –
Address:  32 Jalan Iskandar, 34000 Taiping, Perak 
GPS: 4° 84′ 49.16″ N, 100° 74′ 01.74″ E

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