Tua Pek Kong Temple (品仙祠大伯公和观音堂) – Pasir Panjang Sitiawan, Perak

Looking for local tour and yet tired of those usual destinations that had been to? Check out this place where it is out of town and yet a place for relaxation for pilgrims or Taoist devotees.


One of the famous and always been a place to visit in my local tourist list is the Tua Pek Kong Temple in Pasir Panjang Sitiawan, Perak. The temple is located at a very serene place, which is overlooking the sea. Upon arriving you will see many giant statues of God and Goddess in front of the entrance.


It is an ironic remark that out of nowhere in a rural area, there is a temple with dozens of huge statues standing tall facing the sea.



All the main characters from Journey to the West have been carved into statues too.


The moral of Taoism could be seen in statues too.


It is definitely not a surprise to know that this place is so grand and popular. Part of it is hugely due to many devotees were trying their luck in getting a lucky number from Tua Pek Kong (God Of Prosperity). It is heard that many of them managed to hit the jackpot and that’s why the temple has transformed from a small and timid structure to a grand and huge temple.


The devotees came from all around the world just to pray and get their luck for lottery. The joss sticks in the urns are always full and they are cleared every few minutes during peak hours.


The fountain of holy water which is filled with flower petals. There is a saying that if you bathed yourself with this holy water, your bad luck will go away and will invite good luck instead.


The landscape of the surrounding is filled with man-made waterfall and stone carvings. It feels very heavenly.


This is the famous Tua Pek Kong (God of Prosperity). He has been here for decades and is still taking very good care of the devotees here.


The burner where the josspapers are burnt.


The purpose of burning josspapers in temples is said to be passing gold to heaven. It is believed that by burning joss papers to the god, the god will in return bring us good wealth, health, luck and prosperity.


After touring and praying around, sure many of us will be very hungry. The food court is just beside the temple. You can find many local food and souvenirs from the food court.


Hock Chiew Red Rice Wine Mee Sua with Chicken – RM6.00,  the glutinous rice noodle (mee suah) was cooked in herbal soup which consisted of Chinese wine, Red Yeast Rice (Ang Zhao), Chinese Anglica (Dong Gui) and Ginger. It was then served 2 pieces of chicken.


Of course if you compared the portion of chicken with other places, the chicken pieces were slightly smaller but the price here is much cheaper and I love the soup here as it tasted much thicker and delicious.


This is the stall which was selling Hock Chiew Red Rice Wine Mee Sua with Chicken. There were other dishes sold here too, example Asam Laksa and bo bo cha cha.


The long Chinese Bun cum Swiss Roll – RM5.00. The texture of this bun is like dumpling or “Pao” while the inner roll is similar to swiss roll. This is a signature bun in Taiping and Sitiawan.


The stall which was selling the Chinese Bun cum Swiss Roll is shown as below.


Another uniqueness here is the Durian Heong Peah (Durian Flavor Stuffed Biscuit) RM9 for 10 pieces.


This biscuit is so unique there you will only find it here. The sense of the durian was so strong that it felt like eating the real durian.


The stall which was selling the durian biscuit is just around the corner next to the temple.


Overall, this is a great place to be explored provided that the weather of the day is good. However, the drawback of this place is there are a lot of flies in the food court. I hope that the authority can do something to eliminate the flies.

Address: Jalan Pasir Panjang, Kampung Pasir Panjang Laut, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak
GPS: 4° 16′34.75″N, 100° 68′89″34E.

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