The Pau Making Expert @ Yik Keng Pau, Gat. Lebuh Macallum

Looking for good pau? Leave it to the pau expert. It is true when it comes to specialisation and professionalism on the field you are good with. I remember that I had once visited a coffee shop just a few streets’ away from this hawker center which was selling coffee, pau, half-boiled egg, toast and breakfast set, they let their Indonesian maids to run the show. The coffee really tasted like dark water, the pau was stuffed with plastic pieces which they were trying to make it tasted fresh and crunchy. The half-boiled egg became full-boiled egg and the toast was like made over night that was not fresh at all.

The above was a bad experience that I had encountered from a non-professional business owner. However, the one below is the one with professional experience. The location of this stall is at Gat Lebuh Macallum where Harbor Trade is located.

It is not very difficult to locate this stall. When you drive to Gat. Lebuh Macallum from Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quey) you will see Cosmic building on your right with Cosmic Leisure Cafe. If you move towards the end you will see Pasar Borong Pulau Mutiara on your left.

If you move further you will see Hawker Center at the next of Pasar Borong Pulau Mutiara. This hawker center is very eco-friendly as they are not using any aircond. Instead they utilise the natural air.

Yik  Keng usually starts to steam their pao by 12:00noon. So if you are there earlier, you will need to wait.

Most of the people who work at this stall are senior citizens with handful of experience.

The speed of mixing the dough by the owner was so fast until my camera was also unable to capture with high ISO.

Each of the pau is being prepared full-heartedly.

The main ingredients for the char siew pau.

Steaming pau in progress…..

The close-up shot of  the steaming sweet corn pau.

My favourite, Char Siew Pau. To me, I always think that tasting the char siew pau will be the best way to determine the skill of the pau master. This is because char siew pau is a common dish which is available everywhere and you can instantly know the difference when you have tried out more.

The pau texture was very soft with nice aroma. The char siew was juicy with a nice combination of fat and lean meat. I love this pau.

The Big Pau, a combination of chicken meat, egg and some veggie as the stuffing. For those who love big pau, this is the ultimate dish that will fill you up from lunch until dinner (partially).

The Tau Sar Pau and Sweet Corn Pau are very suitable for vegetarians. Although I am not a fan of these pau, I love the sweet corn pau as the stuffing was not too sweet and it is very suitable for the diabitics .

No matter big or small pau, their pau are always up to standard. If you are not sure what to have during your tea time, this will be a good suggestion for you.

  • Small Pau – RM1.10
  • Big Pau – RM2.70

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:30pm – 5:30pm (Close on Sunday)
Address:8-G-22H, Gat Lebuh Macallum, Kompleks Pulau Mutiara, Hawker Center, 10300 Penang.

16 thoughts on “The Pau Making Expert @ Yik Keng Pau, Gat. Lebuh Macallum”

  1. CK, I agree. The char siew pau very soft and puffy. I love that too.

    550ml jar of faith, next time you come penang I bring you there. Is some where hidden and nice.

  2. tasting the char siew pau will be the best way to determine the skill of the pau master – WELL SAID!!

    My PH test of any dim sum outlet goes by the CS pau!
    My, i so need to come here and ta “pau” back some paus!!! hehehe.

  3. They used to be at “sia boey” market. The take-aways are environment friendly with those hard to find paper takeaway bags too.

  4. happy happy, it not just looks good but it tastes good as well.

    Duckie, it really good indeed.

    Rebbecca, give me 5. I feel the same way too. I think this is the way we justify the standard of quality.

    Allie, way to go… you can try that out dee.

  5. rebeccalee, heard my mum told me that is named sia buay… but I seldom go there.

    NKOTB, no get the recipe leh… may be u can help me ask and see.

    Cariso, when wanna go there?

    Janice, thanks for the comment. Next time when you come to Penang you know where to eat 🙂

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