Sitigun Cafe, Georgetown – A Bicycle Pit-Stop Cafe

Ever since Georgetown has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage City, the city has gained so much popularity for its heritage and the government has placed so much effort to promote and preserve its heritage image. For example, some areas in Georgetown has dedicated bicycle lanes for cyclists to take a ride in the city center and to admire the city’s heritage.


Sitigun is one of the places for cyclists to drop by for a break before proceeding to the next destination. The cafe has a traditional Malay/Indonesian feel with some Wau’s hanging from the ceiling which makes this cafe stands out on its own for its unique decoration.


The Slogan for Sitigun Cafe – A cup of coffee is A cup of culture, A cup of respect and A cup of love. It is a very meaningful quote for coffee lovers.


Cappuccino – RM9.80, serving with thick layer of white milk foam on top. By looking at it, people would have thought that this is a cup of plain frothed milk. However, the ‘goodness’ of the drink is at the bottom of the cup. The thick texture of espresso was ‘hidden’ beneath the frothed milk. If you prefer to enjoy a good ratio of milk and coffee, I recommend you to stir the cappuccino in order to enjoy the aroma of coffee from the first sip instead of towards the end of the drink  For cappuccino’s in other cafes, usually you are not required to stir.


Latte – RM8.80, although it did not have a coffee art, the frothed milk on top was good enough to judge the quality of this latte. The frothed milk in the middle was surrounded by a thin layer of coffee. The texture of the top layer was so smooth and fine which makes you feel like taking a sip immediately. Taste wise, it had a strong coffee taste and was good enough for caffeine lovers like myself.


Croissant, Scrambled Egg and Sausage – RM13.80, this set of breakfast came with croissant, chicken sausages, scrambled eggs, some jam and a cube of butter.


This is a typical type of breakfast. the fresh croissant can be sliced into half and stuffed with sausages and scrambled eggs which made a great combination.


Panini with Chicken Ham, Egg and Cheese – RM13.50, In Italy, panini means “small bread, bread rolls”. It is a grilled sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread. The bread was stuffed with ham, egg and cheese and then toasted and pressed to perfection. Serving together with this dish was some healthy greens.


The combination of ham, egg and cheese could never go wrong. This is a fulfilling and balanced meal that is suitable for young and old.


Overall, it was a nice pit-stop for breakfast. the serving of the food here is pork free while the ambiance here was cozy. The drawback was the difficulty to get parking and the pricing for the food here was slightly on the high side.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 8:00am – 7:00pm (Close on Monday)
Contact: 04-228 7108
Address: 30 Jalan Nagore, 10050 Pulau Pinang. Malaysia
GPS: 5.4212036,100.3239574

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