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Decades of rapid modernization and industrialization have inevitably led to the severe deterioration of the river water quality in Penang. The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) is introducing its Greening Penang Initiative to mobilize the adoption of Effective MicroorganismTM (EM) as a sustainable mediator for the continuous pollution. EM, which was discovered by Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa, is a technology known to stop algae growth and break down sludge in lakes and rivers. It works as a viable replacement for chemical-based cleaning solutions and at the same time, promotes the habit of recycling food wastes.

Through the Greening Penang Initiative, the PSDC aims to encourage and inculcate the adoption of EM Activated Solution (EMAS) among the residents of Bayan Baru. EMAS is made from organic products and can be used for household cleaning, laundry, gardening and even on pets. Most of all, it is an effective and healthy alternative to the conventional chemical-based solutions and fertilizers. Bayan Baru residents who are interested to find out more about EMAS and how to make the solution from home is welcome to participate in the official launching the Greening Penang Initiative on Saturday, 31 October 2009 at 11:00am at the PSDC premises (1, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang). Complimentary EM starter kits and EMAS will be given out to participants of this Program. For more information, please contact PSDC at 04-6437909 ext. 514/ 596 or email

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2 thoughts on “PSDC Initiative ‘Greening PENANG’ @ Announcement by”

  1. Hi Steven,

    My name is Jion and I have been following your site for a while and love your recommendation. It sure comes handy if and when I visit Penang.

    Now I do wish to seek your advice and since I can’t find your email address, I’ll post my question here asking for your help or the help from your readers.

    I may be asked to move to Malaysia, so my main concern is the education for my children.

    For foreigner, is there any school in Malaysia that uses English as a medium for instruction? Is the Bahasa Malayu a mandatory course in the curriculum? Where can I find out more information on these schools?

    Thank you for your advice in advance.


  2. Hi Jion, good day to you and thanks for your support all the way. It has been my pleasure to have readers like you. To answer your question, there are actually many International Schools in Malaysia, usually all the International Schools are using English as medium. In Penang there are a few International School, which are Dalat School and Uplands School, may I know which state you are heading so that I can help you check if there are International School available there.

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