One of Penang’s Best Duck Rice and Barbecue Pork Rice @ First Famous Restaurant, Lorong Susu

It was a coincident that someone just asked me where to get a nice barbecue pork rice in Penang. I was still not certain at that time until 2 days later I remember that there is a place in town area that serves one of Penang’s best duck rice and barbecue pork rice.

The name of the restaurant is called First Famous Restaurant, it is located at Lorong Susu. To go to this place you need to drive through Macalister Road. Once you see Menara Umno on your right and before arriving at Dim Sum Food Restaurant you need to turn left to Jalan Kak Chuan. Once arriving at Jalan Irving turn right to Lorong Susu.

The boss of this stall Eddie, is a very friendly person. Once arrived at the shop he will ask you what do you want to eat and he will get someone to lead you to your seat.

One of the main reasons that the skin of the roasted duck is so crispy is because it is deep fried in a boiling oil right before it is served.

The color of the barbecue pork is very natural, rather than the artificial colouring that most of the stalls are using.

Roasted Duck Rice – RM3.50 per plate. The taste of the roasted duck was very delicious. The skin was very crispy and the meat was juicy and succulent. The sauce mixed well with the duck meat and the style of roasted duck is abit like the “Pi Pa Duck”.

The cut of the duck is in chunk as well. However to some people, this might not be too attractive as the deep-fried crunchy skin might taste a little too over done. But I am cool with the taste as I love the crunchiness of the skin and succulent of the meat.

Barbecue Pork Rice – RM3.50 per plate. The barbecue pork was well marinated with fresh thyme, garlic clove, honey and some lime.

The taste was delicious, especially the gravy that topped on top of the barbecue pork together with spring onion as garnish. The chili sauce is a great complement to the dish if you are a fan of chili sauce.

“Chai Boey” (in Hokkien) soup is a complement with any order of duck or pork rice.

There were plenty of vegetables in the soup and all the vegetable were in very big portion. The soup tasted slightly sweet and sour, which some people didn’t like the sweet taste. However, for me it is an excellent and appetising starter.

Overall, this place serves great duck and barbecue pork rice. However, different people have different taste. Not everyone will appreciate the taste of the duck and “chai boey” here. The place can cater 20 – 30pax which is quite cozy inside. There are 2 drawbacks to this place, first the cooking by the coffee shop is done right at the back of the dining area which makes the surrounding smelly and oily. Secondly, there are not many parking spaces available. Either you have to go earlier or later to be able to find a proper parking space.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 016-454 5847 (Eddie)
Address:No 3, Lorong Susu, 10400 Penang.

18 thoughts on “One of Penang’s Best Duck Rice and Barbecue Pork Rice @ First Famous Restaurant, Lorong Susu”

  1. I like the duck rice here. Delicious~ Another favorite of mine is the duck rice stall at Cheong Fatt Tze Road. The uncle is very nice and friendly.

  2. Jean, where is the place for duck rice that you mentioned? I just managed to find the great duck rice at Lebuh Carnarvon while the one you mentioned I still haven’t get it

  3. wau..the duck rice look good, i like the sour spicy soup very much.
    you can try Relau Roast Duck(新南发烧腊鸭饭) at Golden Lake Food Corner which is really good as well. you may view it on my blog.

  4. My favourite is still the duck rice at Chai Leng Park. They have small chilli padi in the sauce making it very appetizing.

  5. That’s the one, Steven. I always refer to it as the one at Cheong Fatt Tze Road because the road sign is opposite the coffee shop, so every time I eat there, I keep seeing the road sign. Hehehe 🙂

  6. I had tried lip sin x 2 and tmn perkaka so far so good, as for Relau I had tried that once but haven’t blog about that yet. Thanks for reminding. I will go and to blog about that.

  7. I had pretty bad experience at this stall here. The soup was only ‘spicy’ at that time when I visited, and the duck no flesh one.

  8. nice! actually i dont like eat duck but i like to eat char siew and roasted pork and the chai boey. i need to go and try this 🙂

  9. The best Pi Pa duck rice in Penang is at Bee San kopitiam in Air Itam, called Chu Yoke Weng, they have a branch at Sg Dua as well near Tesco Extra. The skin is so crispy and the meat is so flavorful, simply the best duck I’ve ever had, 5 Stars, really thumbs up!

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