My Kuali Penang White Curry Mee Review

Since MyKuali’s Penang White Curry Mee instant noodle has been rated as one of the best Curry Mee by the Ramen Rater, the craze of the instant noodle has gone viral in the entire Malaysia. Everyone is looking for this instant noodle and it has been out of stock everywhere for months.


The hunt and the crave of the noodle have been getting more intensed as it has become the talk of town and even in social media.



As a food blogger, I find it to be must to try out the curry mee even though it is just an instant noodle. The preparation of the instant noodle can be very simple. Just like any regular instant noodle preparation, bring a bowl of water to boil. Place the noodle into the boiling water until the texture is springy. For my style, I usually place the cooked noodle into the bowl with some of the boiled water. Then followed by adding in the seasoning powder/paste and mix all the ingredients well. The aroma of the curry was very nice and strong. The taste of the soup was very spicy. Of course you can’t compare the instant noodle to the real Penang Curry Mee in Penang hawker centers. However, this pack of noodle is great for those that live outside of Penang and yet craving for Penang Curry Mee.


If you have more time and wish to spice up your bowl of instant curry mee, you can try it by adding in dried bean curd, long beans, clams and prawns and finally top it with some mint leaves.


The final outcome looks and tastes just like the real curry mee. 🙂


Overall, the instant Penang Curry Mee is a great replacement for those that craving for the real Curry Mee. However, the price of the noodle keeps increasing from the promotional price of RM3.90 to RM6.90 per pack (4 serving) and now it is selling at RM7.90. At some places it is even sold at RM8.90 per pack. I find that it is too pricey and not worth the price at all. The overwhelming demand has made the price shot up. Therefore let us slow down the purchase of the noodle and let the price drop back to its regular price, then only we are able to enjoy it at a regular price.

2 thoughts on “My Kuali Penang White Curry Mee Review”

  1. Sorry Steven I had tried and it will be my 1st and last eating this brand.Im a Penang Curry Mee lover and this is nothing near any of Penang taste.My favourite stall Chulia Street,Kuantan road, Hot Bowl, Cecil Street Market, Burmah Road.So you know already what kind of taste im taking.If instant noodles I still prefer Mamee.If I really crave for Curry Mee will just drive to OUG and have my Kuantan Road Curry Mee in the morning and night I will go to Batu 13 Jalan Ipoh.This is just my 2cents comment.

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