Long Forgotton Snack – Ar Am (鸭颈)

Whenever I ask my friend have you tried Ar Am (鸭颈) which is duck neck in Hokkien, and people will always reply me. “Yucks…. I don’t eat such disgusting stuff.”

“St-oink, you must be sick!”

Eventually, they do not know what really is Ar Am. Ar Am is actually a type of snack that people from 70’s – 80’s used to eat. I still remember when I was young, my granny used to buy us these snack and these really made our day.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find nice Ar Am. The only place to find it, is inside the Kuan Yin Temple (观音庭) Kuan Yim Teng in Hokkien.  The stall which sells this stack is circled as the picture shown below:

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The stall owner is a fifty something aunty. I believe she has been selling the Ar Am here for decades.

Ar Am is made of soft maltose on the outer part and grained peanut with icing sugar in the inner part. The outer part is also covered with a lot of sesame which make the aroma even better. With its round and long shape which looks like a duck’s neck, that’s the reason why it is named as Ar Am.

Modern gen-X people, please try this snack before it becomes extinct.
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6 thoughts on “Long Forgotton Snack – Ar Am (鸭颈)”

  1. Ar Arm can found in any stall which sell bread or biscuit.Sometime it can find in packing form or retail pack .
    It is my favourite food since i m children last time.

  2. Ar Am? Mmmm…didn’t even know that snack’s name. What’s more, didn’t even realize that it’s disappeared from the scene and even forgotten the taste. Shall try to make a trip down to that temple one of this days. Seems our Hokkien is slightly different? We say ‘Ark arm kun’ for duck’s neck 🙂

  3. Limauu, if you did drop by do let me know. Will bring you there to try this out. Btw, our hokkien also call Ark Arm Kun(鸭颈项) and Ark Arm(鸭颈) is just the short form.

  4. seem like our taste quite same la.
    Actly i like our traditional snack very much, other biscuits and cakes which chinese traditional food is very delicious, but nowadays ppl are tempted by western culture and turn into the western food,fast food or may be thing that is a higher standard, more class. But our own traditional chinese food is not easy to process compare with those food ppl thought is high class.
    Maybe is time for chinese to awake, either to aware of it of let out tradition to be lost from out future generation.

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