Haunting Experience from 怪談 (Guai Tan)

After my post on Hundred Years Haunted Mension – Relau, Penang where there are 2 video clips from 怪談 (Guai Tan) the Hong Kong Ghost TV excavation team on their haunting experience at one of the most haunting places in Malaysia, the haunted mansion in Relau, Penang.

After these clips, eventually I have dig more into other series of 怪談(Guai Tan) and I had found this clip that they explorer into the haunted hospital in Thailand. Eventually the excavation team had able to record down the wheel chair that move by itself. Horrible!

Hong Kong Haunting Excavation in Thai, Part 1

Hong Kong Haunting Excavation in Thai, Part 2

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  1. good day !!

    Steven , do u have guai tan website or the email that i can communicate with them ?

    looking forward to hear from u again !!

    thanks !

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