About Steven Goh

Steven Goh, that’s me. Apart of being an IT Marketing Manager, I spend most of my time on this website. I love to eat and travel. Whenever I go, I will bring along my camera to capture nice images.

The Main purpose of this site is to share my findings on nice food as well as lifestyle so that people who come across my blog may use it as a guideline or even provide feedbacks. My main focus will be on foods and beverages, whenever I have tasted something, I will give reviews on the taste, price, food presentation and service. I won’t be focusing too much on environment because I prefer to eat at somewhere that is reasonable and non-commercialise, unless the food is fascinating and marvelous. I love people to give me ideas and comments of my post so that I will know whether if this guideline is helpful.

Last but not least, I want to give the credit to Michael Cheah the webmaster who has helped me to complete my site. Also thanks to Will C who has given me the idea on setting up this personal blog. Most importantly I want to thank Apple Tan who has given me a lot of support and courage upon completion of this site.

2 thoughts on “About Steven Goh”

  1. Hi Steven,
    Wondering do you accept invitation to review restaurant food? We are running a new concept restaurant (pairing food with beer) in Penang. Please advise

  2. LOVE your website Steven!! Thanks for sharing all of this great information!!! Now I know where to send all my guests when they are looking for good food in town!!!

    We may not be serving food (except for our guests’ breakfast) but anytime you want to check out a heritage hotel with lots of history (original home of first Chinese Kapitan of Penang, Koh Lay Huan), we welcome you at the East Indies Mansion at 25 China St.!

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