48holiao episode10 : KhongFoodie 韓記食飯公司

This video is taken by 48Holiao group @ KhongFoodie 韓記食飯公司. The owner of the shop was explaining his idea and history of this shop while this film was taken at KhongFoodie 韓記食飯公司 and the hosts in the video will be much different, it will be more natural and interview with the shop owner. The price of the desserts as below:

鲁肉饭套餐 – RM10.90
Minced Pork Rice Set – RM10.90
鸡腿饭套餐 – RM12.90
Chicken Drumstick Rice Set – RM12.90
猪脚醋套餐 – RM13.90
Black Vinegar Pork Set – RM13.90
印度加哩鱼套餐 – RM13.90
Indian Fish Curry Set – RM13.90

Actors: Steven Goh & Wei Ying
Cinematographer: Steven Goh
Interviewer: Wei Ying
Script Editor: Apple Tan
Merchant: KhongFoodie 韓記食飯公司

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