3dim3 Meet (三点三Meet), Batu Lanchang – The Place for Polo Bun

Polo Bun seems to be trending in Penang right now as you can see with the booming of Hong Kong-style cafes in Penang. All of them are competing to serve the best polo bun or Hong Kong-style delicacies to customers. One of the latest additions in town that serves reasonably-priced and tasty polo bun in Penang is 3 dim 3 Meet (三点三 Meet). This place is hidden behind the trees along the main road of Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim and you will need to look out for the banners to be able to locate it.

The great part about this place it is located between rural houses where you can find free-range chickens running about. If you managed to pick up any eggs from that area then they will be yours.

Although the name of this place is known as 3 Dim 3 (quarter past 3pm), which usually means tea time for people in Hong Kong and it happens around 3:15pm, however, if you reached by 3:30pm most of the food will be finished. So be sure to check out the place between 7:30am to 3pm to avoid disappointment.

Each of the staff has his own dedicated tasks. Some specializes in toasting while the rest will take orders or making the buns/toasts.

The price of the food and drinks is listed as below:

Another great thing to note is they are still using charcoal pit to toast the bread and buns.

Other than their signature polo buns, they also serve kaya butter toasts, half-boiled eggs and coffee/tea which are typical Malaysian breakfast or tea.

Polo Bun with Turkey Ham and Cheese Slice – RM5.70, their signature polo bun topped with slightly sweetened crust served with turkey ham and cheese slice was a great combination. However, I would prefer it to be served without butter or minimal butter as it tasted too overwhelming since there are other ingredients in it (turkey ham and cheese).

Half Boiled Egg x 2 – RM2.40, the color of the egg yolk was orange like omega eggs/kampung chicken eggs, and the half boiled eggs tasted great with pepper and soy sauce.

Plain Polo Bun with butter – RM3.20, this polo bun was served plain with a slice of butter. It is simple but tasted great after toasted.

Roti with Butter & Kaya – RM2.40, the white toasts were thick and soft compared to some other coffee shops. They were perfect when served with kaya and butter.

Kopi C – RM1.20, a typical Malaysian coffee which was frothed upon serving. This makes the coffee tastes smoother.

Teh C – RM1.20, similar to coffee, frothed milk tea always looks and tastes better.

Overall, the food here is nice and the price is reasonable. The attraction is the affordable and tasty polo bun which is not commonly found in coffee shops unless you go to Hong Kong-style cafes. The surrounding of this place is very calming and gives us the “back to nature” feel. The drawback of this place is the limited seats available due to its popularity. Due to this, the waiting time of the food is long.

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 7.30 am-4:00 pm (Sun Off)
Contact: 013-590 3335
Address: 210 Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim Penang, Jelutong
GPS: 5.3926362,100.3050628

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