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K-Pot, Prima Tanjung – Home Cooked Korean Food

In Asia, when we say K-Pop Music, naturally we are referring to Korean Pop Music. When we say K-Drama, again that means Korean Drama. Therefore, it seems like a default when people say they love K-Food, meaning to say they like Korean Food. When there is a food known as K-Pot, of course it is referring to dishes that are cooked in a Korean pot.


There is one K-Pot in Tanjung Tokong and another in Tanjung Bungah respectively. Both K-Pots are owned by the same owners but run by different branch managers. The one at Prima Tanjung at Tanjung Tokong is more homey and cozy, while for the Tanjung Bungah branch it is more commercialized and restaurant-feel. Therefore, if you are planning for a gathering at K-Pot, be sure to mention the location of the outlet.



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Thai Boat Noodle, Summerton Bayan Indah – The Latest Trending Food

The trend of certain food always comes in waves. From German Cuisine to Japanese and Korean Cuisine. Also not to forget that doughnuts and bubble milk tea used to be among the very popular snacks. The latest trend in town which is spotted not only in Penang, but also in KL and many other states is no other than the Thai Boat Noodle.

So either you ride with the wave or you go against the wave. Since the wave is here let’s just have fun with it. It is not hard to locate Thai Boat Noodle. If you driving from town area towards Queensbay Mall via Tun Dr. Lim Chong Ewe highway, once you see Villa Emas Apartment on your left, turn into the junction on your left and you reach the roundabout. Keep left and you will see Summerton Condominium on your left. There you will see Thai Boat Noodle is located at one of the shoplots.


Thai Boat Noodle was a relatively new restaurant as it was just launched on 2nd December 2014.



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Monroe Cafe & Lounge, Georgetown – Is All About Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one iconic actress, model and also singer during the 50’s. If you asked the baby boomers, the name Monroe is well-known to everyone. Monroe has often been cited as both a pop and a cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol. Her legendary fame is still very popular until today even she is not around.


The recent opening of Monroe Cafe & Lounge at Georgetown, Penang shows that this iconic star is still very popular. Monroe cafe is located inside 1926 Heritage Hotel. It is easy to locate 1926 Heritage Hotel. If you are driving from Anson Road towards Burma Road, keep driving for 300 meters where you will see Union Primary School on your left. If you keep driving for another 50 meters, you will see 1926 Heritage Hotel on your left too.



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Big Gin Na FamilyRestaurant,

It is not easy for young kids to sit down quietly during meal time. As parents it is common to face this situation when dining out. Either you will need a pacifier (phone or tablet) to calm them down or you might forcefully make them quiet by raising your voice while at the same time getting stares from the rest who might think that you are a bad parent.


In order to let the kids run around and yet not to disturb the other diners, a good idea is to have a kids’ play area in a restaurant. One of the very few restaurants which has this great concept is Big Gin Na Family Restaurant.


The location of Big Gin Na Restaurant is at Raja Uda. If you are driving via Jalan Ong Yi How you will soon see Old Town White Coffee Shop on your left. Turn left to Lorong Teras Jaya 2 and drive until the 4th junction on your left and turn into that road. Keep driving and you will see Econsave Hypermarket on your right. At the end of the road you will see Big Gin Na Restaurant just in front of you.

The first floor of the restaurant looks like a regular dining area.


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E & O Hotel, Sarkies – Christmas Feast

Previously during the Ramadan period, I blogged about Sarkies at E & O Hotel on their specialized buffet for Buka Puasa. If I were given one sentence to describe Sarkies, all I would say is “The most affordable place in town for buffet with the most varieties in a pleasant ambience.”


The year 2014 is coming to an end, it is time for the menu to be revised to coincide with this festive season. Due to popular demand, E & O Hotel, Sarkies is back with its International Buffet dinner.


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Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Starz Diner – Happening and Trending Cafe

From Pinktober and Foam Party to Rock to Rock Run and Rockin Christmas & New Year’s eve celebration, this is the most happening place in Penang. If you what to join the rock n roll, don’t forget this hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

For those who visited my blog before, the name of Hard Rock Hotel is nothing new. You may refer to my previous post for the direction to the hotel.


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Japanese Restaurant Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, Pulau Tikus – Authentic Yet Affordable Japanese Food

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Penang which are very famous and popular, with just a stone’s throw you definitely will find at least one Japanese restaurant. However, if you are talking about authentic, reasonable yet not too crowded, there is only a handful of them. The authenticity of Japanese food is not judged by others but the Japanese’s customers themselves. It is like a Penangite knows which stall serves the best Penang Laksa. The restaurant that I have discovered to have a cosy ambience with authentic and reasonable Japanese food is Sushi Kappo Miyasaka.


The location of the restaurant is not difficult to find, the only problem is on the one-way traffic system which will take you to a big turning. For those that come from Penang Bridge, you will need to drive through Jalan Masjid. You will have to pass by Jalan Utama. At this road on your right junction, look for Jalan Brown and turn into it. Keep driving until you  reach a T-junction then follow the one way street which is to your right. Keep driving for another 200 meters and look on your right where you can see Maybank. Restaurant Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is just a few doors away.



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