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Introducing Penang Famous Food, Transfer Road Roti Canai (Part 9) – With Tripvid


Transfer road roti canai is one of the famous roti canai around Penang. This stall has a history for over 90 years and has been passed down to four generations. The roti which is soft on the inside but crispy on the outside, when combining with tender chicken and mutton in a hearty, rich curry it will light a fire in your belly and soul. The mutton curry is the top-selling curry for this stall. Follow Trevor James and myself at the video below to check out the Transfer Road Roti Canai Stall which is the authentic Penang local street food.

Lunch with Great Tranquility @ Botanica Mansion, Balik Pulau

Those who have been following my blog will surely know that there is a new mansion in Balik Pulau, which is the Botanica Mansion. Previously I blogged about the valuable English Afternoon Tea set. This round I will be talking about the lunch menu which is quite impressive as well.


If you are interested to know about the ambience, you can refer to my previous post. There are some great lunch options on the menu and surprisingly it contains some Hainanese flavours. The only drawback is they don’t serve pork, beef and lamb here as the demand is not high and it is difficult to maintain the inventories.


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Introducing Penang Famous Food, Chowrasta Market Breakfast (Part 8) – With Tripvid


Chowrasta Market is one of the busiest marketplaces in Penang. Along the market, there is a classical Chinese coffee shop selling wonderful Koay Teow Thng and Chee Cheong Fun. A heartwarming bowl of rice noodles served with a thick broth, fresh, handmade fish balls and tender duck meat, and a plate of thin, springy rice rolls with a side of three sauces packed with flavor. Follow Travor James and myself at the video below to checkout these great dishes.

Balik Kampung Eco Tour – A Back To Nature Retreat

Telling the kids of today to catch a spinning top (gasing) on their palm, they might not know what you are talking about. They might never knew that we used to be able to catch fighting fish from the river or ‘longkang’ (drain) as now we can easily get from pet shops. The same goes with hitting marble balls with spinning screw setup, they will be thinking you are speaking alien to them.


A short video of Balik Kampung Eco Tour:

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Introducing Penang Famous Food, Pulau Tikus Lok Lok in Video (Part 7) – With Tripvid


Lok Lok in Chinese means “Dip”. In Penang, lok lok is one of the famous street food at night. The morning session in Pulau Tikus Market is a bustling wet marketplace, while night time this place is converted to a street food heaven. A table of lok lok is packed with bite-sized skewered meats, seafood and veggies before being dipped in a thick soupy chicken broth and served with seven different flavored dips to delight your taste buds. Join Trevor James, the Tripvid crew and myself in this night feast!

The Wembley Cafe, Georgetown Hotel – Great Japanese & Seafood Buffet from RM68 Nett

I still remember clearly during the opening of The Wembley Cafe at The Wembley Hotel (previously known as St. Giles Hotel) where many people would go for their scrumptious buffet. Until today, it is still a great place for all buffet lovers as the price remains competitive at RM68 nett for lunch and at RM95 nett for dinner. With this price you get the to taste of all kinds of exotic seafood and also fresh Japanese food.


St Giles Hotel has re-branded itself to The Wembley Hotel and has come out with a new packaging to market its new name.


For more details check out the video below:

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Suffolk House, Georgetown – Penang’s First Mansion Restaurant

Suffolk House is the only surviving Georgian mansion in Malaysia which was originally built in the 1800’s. It has a stunning Anglo-Indian garden house and was once the home of successive British governors.

I still remember my first write-up on Suffolk House which was back in January 2010. It was one of my earlier posts and I could feel a difference in terms of write-up and photography. The same goes to Suffolk House which the building still remains strong and majestic, but the dining experience and food have been refined.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning9

Suffolk House restaurant has its own culinary and service merits being consistently one of tattler’s best restaurants, but it is also an integral part of Suffolk house. Since the early 19th century, Suffolk house has been known for its entertaining and social gatherings, and today it is no different. It offers lunch and dinner in the grand ballroom and also their ever-popular high tea on the north terrace.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning2 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning3 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning4 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning5 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning6 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning7 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning8 Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning1

Suffolk House’s food is taken care of by executive chef Mathijs Nanne. Originally from the Netherlands, Mathijs spent his formative years cooking in the Australian food capital, Sydney. He then came to Malaysia where he ran the kitchens of some of the most exciting restaurants in Langkawi and Penang. He was part of the opening teams of Straits Club Restaurant (Temple Tree Resort, Langkawi) and China House (Penang).

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning46

A glass of house wine gives a great kick start to our dinner.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning10


DUCK AND SHIITAKE MUSHROOM CROQUETTE, pink radish & holy basil salad, 3 mustard relish. The tenderness of the duck was just nice while the juicy shiitake mushroom croquette had a great combination of crunchiness and juiciness in a single bite.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning12

CHICKEN AND ALMOND TERRINE AND SEARED SCALLOP, rocket emulsion, tempeh crumble, fragrant leaves and pickles. I love the their house made chicken and almond terrine. It felt like eating high-quality luncheon meat with foie-gras-like texture.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning14

PAN-SEARED TUNA, served together with local greens. The texture of the pan seared tuna is chewy and was covered with the fresh green sentiment.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning18

SHRIMP & FISH ‘COCKTAIL’ on crispy black rice, momotaro and coriander gel, tempeh crumble, melange of heirloom tomatoes, fragrant leaves, laksa kefir dressing. The crispy black rice was so crispy and packed with nice burning rice aroma. The shrimp and fish cocktail made a great complement starter to our course dinner.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning16


CREAMY SEAFOOD CHOWDER, the mixed seafood ingredients were cooked with milk, cream and garlic. This soup was very creamy and rich. For those that love white creamy white soup with seafood this would be the best selection.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning21

SHIITAKE AND ABALONE MUSHROOM SOUP, garam masala, chantilly, thyme. The texture of the shiitake mushroom and abalone really enhanced the fragrance of the soup. However, I personally do not prefer this soup due its slightly high level of saltiness.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning23

ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP, serving together with some sourdough, granola and some parsley and finished off with some roasted cashew nuts and almond flakes. This is my favorite soup among all as it really had a good mixture of crunch and creamy texture.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning25

ROASTED TOMATO SOUP, instead of roasted pumpkin the base of this soup was cooked with roasted tomato. Serving together with almost similar ingredients as the roasted pumpkin soup, this soup is a popular choice as it is considered the safest choice in an unfamiliar restaurant.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning27

Main Dish:

PAN-SEARED TILAPIA, the fish was sourced from a local aqua-phonic farm in Pulau Tikus. Serving together with the fish were some yellow capsicum capacio, sheered and pickled cucumber and balsamic lemongrass reduction. The taste of the fish was fresh and tender while the sauce was packed with lemongrass flavour which was delightful.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning29

STEAK AND HAND CUT CHIPS  – slow-roasted beetroot, baby carrot and king oyster mushroom, red wine jus, tomato and local herb butter. I love the way chef Mathijs grilled the steak, the medium steak was just in the perfect tenderness. Nevertheless, the great complement of the red wine jus made the steak really outstanding.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning31

ROASTED LAMB RACK – slow-cooked lamb shoulder wrapped in lettuce, braised mixed grains, wilted rocket and curried roselle jus. For non-beef takers, this juicy and soft slow-cooked lamb rack is the perfect alternative to beef.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning35


WATERMELON AND LIME PAVE – feta mousseline, cashew crumble, compressed cucumber and its granita. The watermelon slice had been torched which made the inner watermelon even watery. The lime pave tasted very refreshing.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning39

MANGO CRÈME BRULEE – young mango, coconut, basil and baby coriander served white chocolate sorbet. The mango creme brulee is very unique as we usually only find green tea and normal creme brulee. But at Suffolk House we can find the mango version which is quite rare. The white chocolate sorbet also made an outstanding complement to the rich and creamy creme brulee.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning41

ORANGE AND WHITE CHOCOLATE GATEAUX – red curry of strawberry, coconut crumble and local fruits with toasted coconut ice cream. The white chocolate gateaux will not be outstanding if without the complement of orange essence. This combination with an additional touch of local fruits was simply astounding.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning43

BITTERSWEET FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE – nutmeg fruit textures, papaya, kefir and nutmeg sorbet. The bittersweet of the chocolate cake was great as the sweetness was minimal and and the serving of nutmeg fruit texture made this dessert even more appetizing.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning45

The serving of some sea salt and a slice of chocolate is to pair with the freshly-brewed coffee. It also surprisingly tasted good on its own.

Suffolk _House_Fine_Dinning47

Overall, this place is an ideal place for celebrations and private functions. For those looking for a quiet and exquisite dining place, this is the place you should be looking for. The price for a 5 course dinner – RM140, while 6 course dinner – RM165. The price of fine dining in a mansion with great history and heritage is worth the spending.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Corkage Charge
Credit Card
Smoking (available outdoor)
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Daily)
Contact: 04-228 3930
Address: 250, Jalan Air Itam, George Town, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
GPS: 5.410823,100.305783