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Guinness Amplify Live Tour, Penang

Music fans gathered together raising their pints of Guinness while anticipating their favorite band at the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Live Tour in Penang! Handling the stage at The Bank were; Jumero, GTXperiment and Penang’s very own local talents; The Color Noise.

The GUINNESS Amplify Live Tour brings fans across Malaysia together for a night of incredible music by the talented, dedicated, and passionate artistes. The campaign aims to build our local talents, allowing them a platform to perform and encouraging other local talents to step out and live their dreams.



The AMPLIFY LIVE TOUR is the next phase in the AMPLIFY campaign, following the launch of AMPLIFY FM – the country’s first online radio station which only plays music made by local artists. For easy access, anyone can stream on tablets, phones and computers by visiting www.amplify.com.my


The first to take the stage is The Color Noise who played power pop, indie rock and disco punk rhythm that got the crowd psyched up for more.

guinness_amplify7 guinness_amplify8

Follow on that taking the stage were the four piece band; GTXperiment who are known for their easy soul, r&b and pop culture. It was an exciting time watching the crowd grooved to the music.

guinness_amplify10 guinness_amplify11

To end the night was the easy-going, fun-loving beach band; Jumero. The boys brought their acoustic influence and gave it their best with their energetic performances which put the perfect end to a night of Music Made of More.

guinness_amplify12 guinness_amplify13

Aspiring Malaysian musicians will get the chance to record their very own single in the AMPLIFY Recording Studio at the end of the month; 12 up-and-coming local acts will be selected to lay down a track in the pop-up studio and have it professionally mixed and produced. One of these artists will also stand a chance to record a full, 3-5 track EP, courtesy of GUINNESS AMPLIFY. So let us support our local artists and bring our more local talents, just visit www.amplify.com.my

Cafe 5001, Fettes Park – Another Nice Place for Local Breakfast

I have always been reluctant to share another hidden gem to the public as when the place is exposed, it will become very crowded. However, as a foodie it is my responsibility to share out this place as it is worth to visit and it is one of the most affordable place for breakfast.


Cafe 5001 is a cosy and nice coffee stall. It is located inside the relocated Fettes Park market. Besides the regular coffee and toasts, there are also many hawker stalls around which complete this food court.


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G Hotel Tree Bar, Gurney Drive – Not Just A Tree, It’s A Bar

Tree bar is a hipster chill out spot tucked in between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza. Tree Bar was opened since 19th June 2014 by G Hotel.


As Tree Bar continues to enjoy brisk business, G Hotel Gurney has recently extended its Tree Bar from the previous 48-seating capacity to now 198-seating capacity.


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Anlene is a well known brand to public as it is always known for its unique milk products that contain specialized combination of nutrients that work together to support strong bones. Anlene is one of the best selling brands and a leader in its segment for Fonterra Brands Malaysia. This year, Anlene is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


On 2nd September 2016 (Friday), Fonterra launched an experiential showcase at Queensbay Mall to get Malaysians to move as young as they feel inside. This is in conjunction with the introduction of the new Anlene with MoveMax™ which includes Calcium, Collagen and Protein for the well-being of bones, joints and muscles.


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Leong Yin – The Moon Cake Paste Maker

With over 40 years on moon cake business, Leong Yin is one of the famous mooncake paste and manufacturing factories in Penang. Over the years, Leong Yin Pastry has grown to new heights by adapting to a changing environment, and by continuing to expand its own unique core products and market niches.


As the years go by, Leong Yin Pastry Sdn Bhd attained a certain level of prestige for its quality products, offering a wide range of lotus seeds-based paste with different flavors. Within a few years after the relocation, Leong Yin Pastry went global, serving both regional as well as multi-national clientele such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, U.K., U.S., and another eight other countries as well.


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Hard Rock Cafe, Batu Ferringhi – Smoke, Fire and Spice

If you’re in search of a classic burger, a handcrafted cocktail, or some fabulous music and entertainment in Batu Feringghi, Penang, Hard Rock Cafe Penang has your every need covered. Recently, Hard Rock Cafe Penang is  on a sizzling tour of global spices. Located on the ground floor of the beachfront Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Hard Rock Cafe features the same delicious American cuisine made famous by Hard Rock Cafes across the globe.


Introducing Hard Rock Café Penang’s new limited time offer Smoke, Fire and Spice!


Free your taste buds from three selections of protein – grilled beef, chicken or shrimp skewers served hot on a warm skillet with a bed of roasted vegetables and naan bread, sesame slaw and Monterey Jack cheese served on the side.

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Men’s Kitchen, Lebuh Armenian – Tastefully Durian Delight

For durian lovers, the usual months of durian season in May – July will not be sufficient to cater for their huge cravings. I used to be one of them who will hunt for great durians everywhere and like any other durian lovers I can eat a plate of plain white rice served with fresh durians. For health reasons, I am cutting down the intake of durians. But this does not stop me from trying out food made out of fresh durians. There is a new shop at Lebuh Armenian inside Yap Kongsi which is very niche in the market as it incorporates durian into its desserts and pastries.


The shop is known as Men’s Kitchen. This is the place that focuses on food and drinks made out of durian.


The reason that this shop is called Men’s Kitchen is due to the kitchen is a “all-men show”. The ladies will be serving the customers instead.


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