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Auction Rooms, Kimberley Lane – A Taste of Classic Meets Mordern

Auction Rooms – for those who had never been to Melbourne might probably think this is the room for auction and bidding. However, Auction Rooms that we are talking here is a dining place with “east meets west” decoration. It has a classic layout with a mixture of modern furnishings. Even the food served here is of Eastern and Western cuisine where the dishes are classic with a modern touch.


Auction Rooms Cafe is located just next to Kimberley Hotel. This place is suitable for all occasions. Other than going there for your regular meals, it is also an ideal place for business people to have meetings or discussions. To get to this place, if you are driving via Penang Road and Komtar is on your right, you will arrive at a junction where the left turn is to Burma Road and right turn is to Dr. Lim Chwee Leong Road. Keep left and turn to the junction of Jalan Sungai Ujong. About 10 meters away you will see Kimberley Hotel is on your left and beside the hotel is Auction Rooms Cafe.


At the entrance of Auction Rooms, you will see the original Chinese signage of the building which tells the story of the building. Upon entering the dining area, we are welcomed by all the warm light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and the wall lights which are making this place cosy and warm.


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Macalister Mansion, Macalister Road – Serving Classy Breakfast in Town

Macalister Mansion usually gives people the impression of prestige and elegance, be it dining or accommodation. However, that is not always true. In fact, dining at Macalister Mansion can sometimes be inexpensive. I have always been hunting for good and reasonable breakfast. This time, you will be surprised that Macalister Mansion is offering reasonable breakfast sets.


There are many dining sections in Macalister Mansion. The serving of healthy breakfast and reasonably-priced breakfast is at the Living Room.


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Hin Bus Depot, Bricklin and Tavern in The Park – Reviving Previous Glory with Art, Good Food and Drinks

Ah Hin, Ah Leong, Ah Seng…. these are the common names for kids who were born in the 60’s –  80’s, in which I am one of them having this common name. In those days these names were so popular that when you called out the name there would be at least one person on the street having that name. It is until the 90’s when people started to feel these names are too common and slowly these names have become less common or non-existent now.


As years passed by, the almost “extinct” name “Hin” has just gotten a boost in reputation, thanks to Hin Bus Depot. Hin Bus Depot was formerly known as “Hin Company Ltd.” The place was abandoned for decades since Hin Bus ceased its operations until recently it has been revived into an art and cafe center.


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Granny Country Kitchen 77 (娘家), Georgetown – Granny’s Home Style Cooking

Recently ‘my granny’ has been really busy as many restaurants and cafes have mentioned about Granny’s cooking, Granny’s recipes or even Granny’s Taste, except for Granny Smith apples where they are not as commonly known. Anyway, the above statement is just to elaborate how valuable is granny’s cooking recently. Granny’s cooking actually refers to classic dishes that reminisce home cooking that is usually prepared by our mothers or grandmothers and that are hard to find in modern restaurant or cafes.


One of the new places to get granny’s homecooked food is at town area. The shop is called Granny Country Kitchen 77 (娘家). This shop is located along Rangoon Road. If you keep driving from Burma Road which is a one way street, keep driving until 800 meters from the junction. On the left you will see 王昭君 restaurant,  and a few doors down will be Granny Country Kitchen 77 (娘家).


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Rabbit Teeth, Tanjung Bungah – Affordable RM10 Weekend Breakfast Set

It has always been difficult to look for affordable and satisfactory breakfast in Tanjung Bungah or Batu Ferringhi, especially during the weekends. The only place that I can think of is the coffee shop near Tanjung Bungah’s market or the coffee shops along Jalan Sungai Kelian.


Lifestyle and concept cafes have been around and they are everywhere. Rabbit Teeth Gourmet is one of the new cafes located along Jalan Sungai Kelian. It was previously located at Church Street. After moving to this place, they have introduced a menu which offers one of the most valuable breakfast sets in Tanjung Bungah.


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Botanica Mansion, Balik Pulau – Value For Money Traditional Afternoon Tea

Surrounded by decade-old trees, Botanica Mansion is one of the latest mansions in Penang that has been restored to it previous glory. This mansion has existed since 1881 and had remained untouched until the recent took over by Botanica CT who had performed major restoration on the mansion. For those who has never been to this place might think that this is a private club house. But in actual fact, this mansion is open to public for dining or even accommodation.


Botanica Mansion opens its doors on 1 November, 2015. The facilities which are available in the mansion are a gymnasium and a swimming pool. These are exclusive to the members of the club. Membership fees to the club are payable on a monthly, half-yearly and yearly basis.


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Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Ferringhi – Most Affordable Seafood Buffet In Town

Call me selfish or what, I was initially a bit reluctant to share out this post. It is not due to any negative factor, instead I am afraid that after sharing this I will not be able to secure a place for myself when I go for their buffet. So far, I have not met any buffet in town that offers such a great variety of seafood and at an attractive of price of RM99 nett per adult and RM59 nett per child. For those of you who are able to get a better offer than this and with much more varieties, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will make sure to provide a full coverage of that place.

Hard Rock Seafood Buffet, the all-new seafood buffet available every Saturday starting from 2 April 2016. Concluding the every Sunday buffet at the Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is now offering the sumptuous seafood buffet with a twist of Japanese and Chinese fusion cuisine at the Starz Diner.

Starz Diner’s Seafood On The Rocks Buffet offer seafood ranging from variety of appetizer, sushi & sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, Chinese carvings, dim sum and more.


For sushi lovers, the Sushi & Sashimi bar will be your favourite spot. Indulge in an array of Sushi, Maki and sashimi – Tamago, Futo Maki, California Maki, Kappa Maki, Oshinko Maki, Inari, Kanpyo, Maguro, Sake, Tako and other local fishes.


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