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Idealite, Gottlieb Road – A Healthier Chinese New Year 2015 Feast

Instead of having the same old steamboat every year for Chinese New Year, why not try something different and healthy at Idealite? There are a few Idealite branches in Penang. For Gurney Plaza branch, please refer here.


As for Jalan Gottlieb branch, you will need to drive through Jalan Utama from Penang Bridge towards Gurney Drive. When you reach Jalan Gottlieb, you will see Idealite restaurant is on your right.


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What The Duck, Nagore Place – Pleasant Ambience with Reasonable Price

Usually to organize a family eat out, the first concern would be the ambience and the second would be the food and pricing. It would be a bonus if the price of the food is reasonable and the taste is good. The recently opened restaurant “What The Duck” located at the center of Georgetown is a place which has a 3″wow factors”, which are: comfortable ambiance, good food and reasonable pricing.


What The Duck serves Set Lunch which is inclusive of appetizer and drinks.


It is not hard to locate this place. If you are driving via Burma Road, you will pass by Jalan Kedah which is on your right. Keep driving and you will see Swatow Lane, moving further is Jalan Nagore. Turn into Jalan Nagore and keep driving for another 20 meters, What The Duck restaurant will be on your left.


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Naughty Nuri’s Warung, Burma Road – Overrated and Overcooked Food

It was supposed to be a highly anticipated visit to Naughty Nuri’s Warung which is still quite new in town. However, it turned out to be a huge disappointment.


I had been reading a lot of reviews about this place and how nice was the food. It was even frequented by celebrities back in Bali which made me wanted to feel the excitement more. Somehow, something went wrong where it didn’t turn out to be what I expected.


The location of Naughty Nuri’s is at Burmah Road where the junction next to it is Swatow Lane.


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Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Starz Diner – Auspicious Dining For Chinese New Year 2015

Hard Rock Hotel Penang welcomes the Year of Goat with a variety of Chinese New Year offerings available at Starz Diner, Pizzeria and Hard Rock Café Penang.

On the eve and first day of Chinese New Year, Hard Rock Hotel Penang will be serving a prosperous buffet dinner at Starz Diner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Guests can choose to enjoy the buffet dinner at only RM80.00++ per person or pay additional RM30.00++ per person to enjoy free flow of house wines, selected chilled juices or soft drinks.


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YouMiQi (有米气) Restaurant, Old Klang Road – The Best of Shunde Cuisine

Sunde also pronounced as Shunde (顺德), is a district in the city of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, China. Shunde was recently awarded the title “City of Gastronomic” by UNESCO. Many famous Cantonese chefs hailed from Shunde. In fact, Shunde may have well been the precursor of Cantonese or “Yue (粤)” cuisine, as suggested in the Chinese saying ‘eat in Guangzhou from a Shunde kitchen’. Shunde traditional cuisine is known for employing diversified and complicated cooking techniques. In the hands of the frugal Shunde people, these skills and techniques transform mundane ingredients into dishes fit for the Emperor.


Cantonese dishes are very common and available at almost every corner in Malaysia. On the other hand, Shunde Cuisine is a rare cuisine compared to the regular Cantonese dishes. The complexity and the precision of cooking technique make Shunde Chefs precious and difficult to get.


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Kai Curry Bar – A Distinctive Japanese Fusion Curry House

Curry is a common and classic Asian favorite existed for centuries. It is so popular that it is not foreign to Westerners as well. The origin of curry started from India where the spices and the herbs are more hot and heavy in aroma compared to the rest. The popularity of curry has spread until The Land of the Rising Sun where it is so common to find “kare” dishes on Japanese menus.


Since we are talking about “curry” today, it is important to know the difference between “hot” and “spicy”. If you see in my other articles, spicy is usually referring to the burning sensation. However, in this article, I will use “hot” as the burning sensation adjective and “spicy” to describe the flavor of spices with a hint of heat but not to the extent of having burning sensation. Japanese curry is the type of curry which is rich and packed with aroma and yet less hot compared to the rest of the curries in Asia. Personally, I love Japanese curry as the flavor and aroma of the gravy is more compared to the level of hotness. The overwhelming of hotness is a big no to me.


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K-Pot, Prima Tanjung – Home Cooked Korean Food

In Asia, when we say K-Pop Music, naturally we are referring to Korean Pop Music. When we say K-Drama, again that means Korean Drama. Therefore, it seems like a default when people say they love K-Food, meaning to say they like Korean Food. When there is a food known as K-Pot, of course it is referring to dishes that are cooked in a Korean pot.


There is one K-Pot in Tanjung Tokong and another in Tanjung Bungah respectively. Both K-Pots are owned by the same owners but run by different branch managers. The one at Prima Tanjung at Tanjung Tokong is more homey and cozy, while for the Tanjung Bungah branch it is more commercialized and restaurant-feel. Therefore, if you are planning for a gathering at K-Pot, be sure to mention the location of the outlet.



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