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Red Hott, The One – Ultimate Hot Dog 1-Stop

One of the places where you can get the one stop of hot dogs is no other places than Red Hott. At Red Hott, you can get the sausages from Eastern to Western, in different sizes and different flavours.


It is not hard to find Red Hott. If you are driving from Penang Bridge via Jelutong Express, you can turn in to Lebuhraya Sungai Nibong. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit into Jalan Tun Dr Awang. After the traffic junction you will see Pesara Mahsuri 3 in front of you. Turn into that street and drive straight with right exit into Persiaran Mahsuri. Keep driving for another 10 meters where you can see Sri Murni Apartment on your left, turn into Tingkat Mahsuri. At the second exit turn left to Lorong Mahsuri and locate the Lintang Mahsuri 5 on your left and you will see Red Hott on your left.


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Sunshine Online – Buying Mooncake Can’t Be Easier

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese.  The festival is held on the 15th of the eight month according to lunar calendar. In order to complete the celebration, people often light up lanterns and also enjoy some moon cakes. I remember when I was young I used to follow my parents around just to sort out different brands of moon cake as different manufacturers will have their own signature moon cakes. However, now life has been made easier when everything is online. You can order from different varieties and manufacturers of moon cake with just a few clicks away.


Sunshine Square used to be a local department stall in Penang and now their supermarket is online on the cyberspace. With just a few clicks away you can add your shopping items to your online shopping cart and check your post code for delivery coverage, then finally prepare your payment for check out. In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival and the launching of Sunshine Online portal, readers of Steven Goh will get to enjoy the FREE delivery with the purchase of RM80 and above to your doorstep. Just key-in “STVREBATE10″ at the promotion code column and you will get the great deal.


For those who are looking for moon cakes, there are a few brands that I would like to highlight:

Leong Yin Pastry (梁贤)


Lunar Delight – RM17.50. White Coffee Paste with Pure Durian Paste. So far this is my favorite for this year. The outer and the second layer of the moon cake was made of white coffee which tasted slightly bitter while the inner part of the paste was made of pure durian which had strong aroma and tasted sweet. The combination gave an excellent bitter sweet symphony.



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Water Drop Tea House, Lebuh Penang – Drooling Vegetarian Dining

If the sound of water dropping is heard in a place, it means the place is very peaceful and harmonious. In Buddhism philosophy, when people give us a water drop of help we have to repay with abundant thanks like the waterfall. Therefore, Water Drop is an interesting and meaningful place for a cup of tea or dining.


Water Drop Tea House is just located at Penang street. To go to this tea house you need to drive down to Beach Street. If you are driving from Penang Bridge, turn into Lebuh Union where you will see Maybank on your left, keep driving and you will see Water Drop Tea House is just in front of the junction.


Upon entering Water Drop, you will feel at peace. The front part of the cafe is a study area, and if you walk further inside, there is a place for dining at the back of the tea house.


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Temple of Fine Arts, Babington Avenue – The Definition of Fine Art

These days, vegetarian dining is even more expensive compared to non-vegetarian or fast food. A plate of plain rice with 3 options of dish will easily cost up to RM10 and this does not include drinks. Therefore, for vegans it is very a hard to look for vegetarian food with reasonable pricing. However, there is one of the very few places that offer good vegetarian food at a reasonable price, that is the Temple of Fine Arts.


In order to get to the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), you need drive through Jalan Perak, until you reach a 3-way junction (the right turns to Jalan Macalister and the straight route is to Jalan Macalister and Island Hospital). You will need to take the left turning which is to Jalan Berek. Take the 3rd junction on your right to Lebuhraya Babington and keep a lookout for TFA on your right.


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Plan B, Ipoh Old Town – The Combination of Nostalgic and Modern

If the initial plan is not going to work, what will be the alternative? When there is desperate time, it’s the call for desperate measurement. This is when Plan B kicks in.


In order to go to Plan B, it is not difficult. First of all, you need to drive to Kinta of Ipoh. Once at Kinta, look for the main road called Jalan Sultan Iskandar, keep driving on the road and you will see Lim Ko Pi coffee shop on your left. At the front junction, turn right to Jalan Sultan Yusuff. Keep driving for another 3 junctions along the road and turn right to Jalan Panglima. keep driving for about 20 meters and you will see Plan B on your left.


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Delighting Your Family and Friends with Gartien Pineapple Cake, Mid Autumn 2014

Marking a new step forward, Gartien is having a new opening at Penang Road and at the same time has officially launched its limited edition packaging for Mid Autumn last weekend. It was a great pleasure to get invited for the grand opening officiated by YB Dr. Afif bin Bahardin, Pengerusi Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani, Pembangunan Luar Bandar dan Kesihatan, witnessed by Joseph Tan, Gartien’s Pastry Chef, YB Teh Lai Heng, State Assemblyman of KOMTAR, Tuan Haji Ahmad, Pengarah Pertanian Pulau Pinang, Dato Dr. Kenny Ong, Group Executive Chairman of MTT Group of Companies and Mr. Lee See Hai, main supplier/partner.


The new shop of Gartien is just located next to Kek Seng Coffee shop.


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DCOVA Cafe, Logan Heritage – A Place to Hang Out for Coffee

Recently it is getting so common to see lists of Penang famous food shared over in social media sites. I have recently discovered a list of Penang’s 10 new cafes. Unfortunately, the information listed is not very accurate especially on the operating hours. Also there isn’t much introduction or highlights of what do the cafes have to offer and what makes them so special. So it has become my job to find it out myself.  Most of the new cafes only start operating at 11 am or 12 noon. For someone like myself who usually wake up at 9+ during weekends and start to look for breakfast during that time, this is not really practical. Out of the many cafes, only one that I have found to be operating before 10am, that is DCOVA Cafe.


DCOVA cafe used to be known as “Light House Coffee“. However, this cafe was taken over by another owner and hence the name changed as well. The cafe is now known as “DCOVA Cafe”.  DCOVA Cafe is located at the central of town. If you are driving to town area from Penang Bridge via Beach Street, you will surely pass by OCBC on your left. Keep driving and just before Standard Chartered Bank, turn left to Union Street. Keep driving until the junction which leads to the one way street of Penang Street, at the next junction turn into Bishop Street. Drive for another 50 meters and keep a look out on your left and you will see DCOVA Cafe is there.


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