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Green Lane – Simple yet Tasty Wan Tan Mee

It is easy to cook something that plug from the sky or out of the imagination. Example: Mongolian Tartar Sauce Chicken Noodle. You can easily get famous and recognised for that particular food because there is no one I have known who has tasted that food before. However, to make a food common and up to standard, it is not easy at all. This is especially true for food like Wan Tan Mee or Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle) which are so common and well-known among Malaysians and foreigners.

The food of today is the common yet tasty Wan Tan Mee in Green Lane. The actual location is at Island Glades, Delima Mas Coffee Shop.

This stall is runned by 3 ladies, looks like they are from different generations. Not sure if they are from the same family. The stall owner used to display their award for “Top 10 Penang Famous Award” on their stall but now I think they have become too well known so it is not necessary for them to display it anymore. Remember, to secure yourself with a bowl of Wan Tan Mee, make sure you get there before 11:30am as their business hour is during breakfast session only.  

The presentation of the food is not as neat, it may be due to limited resources and overwhelming orders. The only dispatcher is the old lady, while the other 2 are on food preparation. Despite the “not-so-tidy”food presentation, the Wan Tan Mee is just marvellous. The noodle itself is actually the “umph” factor. It tasted just nice on the sponginess and the cooking temperature is well controlled. The mixture of gravy is so well that it actually brings out the tastiness of the wantan and the noodle.

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  1. I prefer to have with the thick noodle.

    3. appletan on August 31st, 2007 at 2:29 pm

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