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Idealite, Egate – Vegetarianism with Joy

It is coming to another year of the “Nine Emperor Gods Festival”. Most of the years during this season, I will introduce some nice places to dine at. Last few years I introduced some places such as Vegetarian Stall, Island Park – Simple and Affordable and also Varieties Of Vegetable Food @ Lip Sin Garden. This year, I shall introduce […]

Via Pre Italian Restaurant, Weld Quay – Quiet and Cozy Italian Breakfast

My job requires me to travel frequently to outstation and I was also stationed out of town for some period. A quiet and peaceful weekend to spend with my family is a great weekend for me. Since Penang has many little cafe’s to offer for breakfast and coffee, I always hunt for a good place to have […]

Javrie’s Restaurante & Pizzeria, Gurney Paragon – The Unique Ramen Burger

Whenever I mentioned I am going to have Ramen Burger, I would get surprise expressions. Either they thought I was too hungry and craving for food which made me order both ramen and burger at the same time, or they thought that I had a language problem. If I had to rephrase the sentence again, I would […]

Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive – A Place for Family Day Out

Gurney Paragon, this is the latest and happening place in town. Gurney Paragon is a place for everyone. You can come here to hang out with friends or even have a quality time with family. For me, a quality weekend would be a day to hang out with family. Gurney Paragon is located at Gurney […]

Simply Nutritious, Lebuh Melaka – Nutritious Pasta Meal

Finding a place that serves nutritious yet affordable Italian food is not easy in Penang. If you still can’t recall one, keep reading this post and you will know below is the place you will be looking for. The place that I am introducing this round is called Simply Nutritious. It is hidden from the main road. […]

Soul Kitchen, Grande and Deliziosa Italian Food – Lebuh Muntri

What is the meaning of Soul? Soul is known as a person’s emotional or moral nature. Therefore if people mentioned the food is cooked with soul, that means they are cooking with heart. Soul Kitchen is the name of an Italian restaurant located downtown near to Upper Penang Road, the actual road name is Jalan Muntri. It is […]

Caffe Strada, Krystal Point – A Place For Gathering and Reunion

It was a sunny day during the invitation of Strada Caffe to all the Penang Food Bloggers for food review. It has been a very long time since we had this huge gathering. Although the dinner started on Saturday, 6pm, it was still very hot and sunny out there just like in the noon and many floggers […]