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Miam Miam Cafe Restaurant, Gurney Paragon – Elegant Fusion Cuisine

Miam Miam means Yum Yum in French. It means delicious and delightful. For those who have no idea what is meant by Miam Miam like myself, you can Google for the answer. Anyway, besides being the meaning for yummy and delicious, Miam Miam is also a French mix Japanese Fusion Cuisine Cafe Restaurant in  St […]

Full Of Beans, Straits Quay – Nice Place to Relax with Coffee and Desserts

Looking for a place for a cup of coffee and some desserts to relax during tea time? There is a new place out of town that you can set your mind free for a while before you continue your hectic life again. The name of this shop is called Full Of Beans. It is very easy to […]