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Mega 1 Cafe – Serving The Best Wine Bee Hoon @ Burmah Road

I passed by this place many times but I still didn’t realize there is this new shop sitting right there at Burmah Road. This place serves some unique dishes which are not easily found elsewhere in Penang. To go to this place, if you are driving via Burmah Road the Union Primary School will be on your left. The shop […]

Brown House, Brown Road – New Place to Dine in Penang

(Latest Update: This Place Had Stopped Operation on (12/01/10) Due to Some Business Issue.) Looking for a place which serves more than just Penang food and which is less crowded yet with plentiful of parking space? A place which is romantic enough to spend some quality time with your special ones and where the food is great and […]

Taman Emas, Gottlieb Road – Penang Famous Laksa

Laksa, one of the top food to be hunted if you are in Penang. There are a lot of places in Penang which have great laksa. These include Balik Pulau Laksa and Air Itam Laksa. However, you need to take the hassle to drive through the winding road or even pack with tourists for the […]

Senior Citizens Association, Penang – A Secluded Dining Experinece

If I were  to tell you to dine at old folks’ home, you would probably think that I am nuts. This was the first feeling when my friend asked me the same thing. But I was told that the dishes were quite nice. It was kinda cruel for a normal and healthy person to be served by senior […]

Healthy and Delicious Dining with Discount Voucher @ Young Heart Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

It has been a while since I visited Young Heart Restaurant. My last visit was few months back and now we were honoured to be invited again for a treat and I will also be giving my readers FREE discount voucher. This voucher is in the middle of this post, you will need to finish this article […]

Famous Hongkie Style Duck Rice @ How Ji, Pulau Tikus

There are many stalls selling duck rice around Penang. Anyhow there is one  stall that prepares nice Hongkie style duck rice and noodle which is located at Hup Kee restaurant. The name of this stall is called “How Ji” Roaster Rice Noodle stall. It was there for nearly a decade. I remember 7 years ago I have once tried out […]

Dine Healthily and Deliciously @ Young Heart, Pulau Tikus

All the while Penangites give other people the impression as picky eaters and always complain about food of other states. One very good example is on a recent post by BB Community about his friends from Penang who went to KL and commented how horrible were the food there. Therefore if a Penangite recommended a place for food, it would be worth to […]