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Introducing Penang Famous Food, Pulau Tikus Lok Lok in Video (Part 7) – With Tripvid

Lok Lok in Chinese means “Dip”. In Penang, lok lok is one of the famous street food at night. The morning session in Pulau Tikus Market is a bustling wet marketplace, while night time this place is converted to a street food heaven. A table of lok lok is packed with bite-sized skewered meats, seafood and veggies before being […]

Introducing Famous Penang Food, Putu Mayam in Video (Part 4) – With Tripvid

Putu mayam in Malay or Idiyappam (இடியாப்ப‌ம்) in Tamil is a Tamil dish from southern India. It is now a popular dish in southern India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. One of the famous Putu Mayam in Penang is located at Pulau Tikus market. This fluffy, aromatic and mouth-watering dessert is a great way to […]

Colonial Penang Museum, Pulau Tikus – An Insight of The Affluent and Renowned People In Ancient Days

Do you know that in the past during the British Colonial days in Penang, a bag of cloves is equivalent to a bag of gold? Do you realise that David Brown is a high stake Poker Player? Are you aware that the renowned founder of Eu Yan Sang is actually a Penangite? Colonial Penang Museum is the place that […]

Le Perigord, Pulau Tikus – Reasonable Set Lunch at RM19.90 Nett

Looking at the increasing number of restaurants and food outlets in Penang, many have come out with various promotions to attract customers. However, the ones which are able to extend their lunch promotions over the weekend are only a handful. Most cafes stop serving set lunches or set dinners on weekends. Either that they will hike […]

El Casa Wine & Dine Restaurant, Georgetown – Impressive Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine? What kind of food is that? I was in the blue when someone told me there is a Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant in town. I believe not only myself, there are many people out there who are not sure what kind of cuisine is that. After googling for an answer, the most suitable explanation is that Mediterranean food is […]

Young Heart Restaurant, Pulau Tikus – Stay Young and Healthy with Promotion Sets

Young Heart Restaurant at Pulau Tikus is still one of the placse in town that serves very healthy yet delicious food. Even until now, the quality and taste of the food still maintains its standard. For those who missed out the previous post of mine at Young Heart, please click on the link to recall them. […]

Localised Taste Japanese Food @ Inaka, Pulau Tikus

I am unable to recall how many Japanese Restaurants in Penang that I had blogged before. However, there is a restaurant that serves localised taste of Japanese food. The name of this restaurant is called “Inaka”. Inaka restaurant was once located at Autocity, Prai before they moved to Pulau Tikus. To get to this place, […]