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Vegetarian Stall, Island Park – Simple and Affordable

During the “Nine Emperor Gods” festival, devotees will observe a strict vegetarian diet. In Penang, most of the devotees practise this culture during this time. However, the stalls set up specially for this festival usually charge an exorbitant price for its food. A normal mixed rice with 3 dishes might cost RM8 per plate. To the devotees, this […]

Que Huong Toi Cafe, 正宗越南小食馆, Jalan Sungai Pinang – Authentic Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is a very rare cuisine in Penang. There used to be some nice Vietnamese restaurants in Penang few years back but not many of them survived until today. Recently there seem to be a few Vietnamese cafe’s started to pop up in the town’s vicinity. One of the nice and famous one is Que Huong Toi Vietnamese […]

Seafront Dining, Lebuh Sungai Pinang – Moving from The Sun Restaurant

For those that had followed my post previously, you will surely know that I patronized The Sun Restaurant on numerous occasions. The reason being that the restaurant had a cozy ambiance, served good food and price was reasonable. Just until recently, the phone number of the restaurant was not reachable and some of the regular customers of […]

Stone Bay Restaurant, Jelutong – Trending and Spacious Dining Place

For those who always hunt for Chinese cuisine, surely you will know there is this restaurant which is quite trending in town. The restaurant is no other than Stone Bay. It is not hard to locate this restaurant. If you are driving through Lebuh Raya Jelutong or Lim Chong Eu Expressway from Penang Bridge heading to town, you will […]

Kim Leng Loh Mee, Perak Lane – Famous and Delicious

Loh Mee is one of the top 10 hawker food in Penang. Loh Mee is a bowl of thick, dark-coloured starchy gravy served together with yellow noodle and bee hoon, and with some vegetable and meat. Loh Mee is common in Penang. However, only a handful of stalls serve good Loh Mee. One of the famous yet […]

Kafe Star Garden – Another New Place for Dim Sum, Jelutong

Usually, the area that are most popular for dim sum is located either at town area or Bayan Baru. Therefore, there are not many places in Gelugor or Jelutong which serve dim sum. This is one of the places that my friend brought me for dim sum at Jelutong. Although I have been using this […]

Kang Beef House, Jelutong – Variety Of Beef Supplies

The number of Penangites taking beef is very less. Partially due to the restriction of certain religions. I was told by a senior person that if you are a follower of Goddess of Mercy, your prayers will not be answered if you consume beef. I am the one of the followers, but still beef is […]