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David Brown’s Restaurant, Penang Hill – Relax and Elegant Dinner

David Brown’s Restaurant is the highest landed restaurant in Penang. The restaurant is located at the top of Penang Hill. The original owner of this house is David Brown who was one of the successful businessmen during British time. Among others which were owned by David Brown are significant places like Brown Road and Padang Brown. […]

Farlim Shell Station Laksa Cafe, Air Itam – Serving Good Penang Laksa

One of the most famous Penang food is Laksa. Visiting Penang without eating Laksa is like going to Thailand without trying Tomyam or visiting New York but didn’t visit the Statue of Liberty or even going to Paris without visiting Eiffel Tower. However, for most people, the guide to Penang Laksa is only to the […]

Oh Kee Bak Kua, Air Itam – Nostalgic and Memorable BBQ Bun Stall

For those that graduated from the high schools of Penang had surely gone through the life of eating and squatting by the road side after school while waiting for school bus, or even just to have a quick snack before heading home. Those were the days when the worries of money and living are not […]

Zi Zai Restaurant (自在饭店), Paya Terubong – Reasonable and Varieties Dining

Zi Zai Restaurant (自在饭店), the name of the restaurant made me recall a Chow Yun Fat movie (和平饭店) “The Peace Hotel”. The place of the hotel in the movie was located at a secluded area and the whole place was full of gun fire and it was dramatic. As for Zi Zai Restaurant, the location is […]

Bon Appetit Western Deli, EQ Kopitiam, Paya Terubong – Affordable & Delicious Western Deli

I find it really unfair to those in search for western food, and yet they are not living nearHB Pulau Tikus or Tanjung Bungah. Lately, most western food restaurants gather in those 2 areas only like no other’s business. For those that living near Farlim or Air Itam, so far not many options available yet. […]

David Brown’s Restaurant, Penang Hill – Chill, Dine and Relax

Ever since the cable car of Penang Hill was upgraded, locals and foreigners were seen dashing to the railway station to take a ride on the new funicular train. As expected, there was a long queue waiting to enter the station especially due to the long weekends . The wait for the cable car was about 20 minutes. Whereas […]

Authentic Hakka Noodle @ Beng Chin Garden, Air Itam

There were many requests by friends and readers about Hakka Mee or Hakka Noodle in Penang recently. I have no idea why such requests came along. However, I do find a few places for good Hakka Mee around. Some of the places serve modernized Hakka Mee where there are mixture of Hakka Noodle with Yong […]