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Idealite Wellness Restaurant, Gurney Plaza – Delicious and Healthy Dining

It has always been in my mind that healthy food will not be delicious, or delicious food is always not healthy. Never did it come across my mind that delicious and healthy  can make a great couple. My mom has always warned me not to drink too much of the soup when dining outside as they […]

Miraku, G Hotel – The Essence of Japanese Cooking

There are many Japanese Restaurants around Penang. Most of the restaurants just serve the food without knowing the authenticity and detailed ingredients of Japanese food. However, to make out every single detail of the food, it takes time, cost and skills. That is why we have many localized Japanese food here. Because of this the […]

Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive – A Place for Family Day Out

Gurney Paragon, this is the latest and happening place in town. Gurney Paragon is a place for everyone. You can come here to hang out with friends or even have a quality time with family. For me, a quality weekend would be a day to hang out with family. Gurney Paragon is located at Gurney […]

Dragon-I Restaurant, Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pots

Another year has passed and Spring Festival is around the corner again. During this season, Chinese will celebrate the lunar new year and family members from all around the world will gather to have a reunion dinner on the eve of new year. This year, Dragon-i has come out with a special Prosperity Abalone Treasure […]

Hakka Tree, Gurney Plaza – The Taste of Hakka Dish, Delicious Pork Dishes

If you are a pork lover, Hakka Dish is the food that you should not miss out. Most of the Hakka food consists of pork ingredients. I personally love pork, especially minced pork meat, pork ribs or ‘Pai Kut Ong’ and Barbecue pork slices. Hakka food is now commonly available in chain restaurants. One of […]

Miam Miam Cafe Restaurant, Gurney Paragon – Elegant Fusion Cuisine

Miam Miam means Yum Yum in French. It means delicious and delightful. For those who have no idea what is meant by Miam Miam like myself, you can Google for the answer. Anyway, besides being the meaning for yummy and delicious, Miam Miam is also a French mix Japanese Fusion Cuisine Cafe Restaurant in  St […]

The Launching of Food Guide 2012/2013 @ Gurney Plaza

Food is one of the most essential and proud topics to be mentioned by Penangites. Penang is so famous with food where you can find any good food at every corner in Penang. The Food Guide 2012/2013 by Gurney Plaza is the guidance for your gourmet journey at Gurney Plaza. The Food Guide Journey started with four […]