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New Menu Vietnamese Street Food @ Miss Saigon, eGate

(Latest Update: This place had close down, due to some business issue. ) Supposingly I have to continue with my Cambodia trip post with all the exotic food experience. But now I feel that this post has a higher priority as it is considered our Penang Flogger’s unofficial 2 and 1/2 gathering with all the […]

One Of The Best Wantan Mee @ O & N Coffee Shop, Island Glades

Frankly speaking, I am not a very big fan of Wantan Mee although I always order Wantan Mee whenever I visited food court or coffee shop. However, there are really a few good Wantan Mee that give me good impression. Previously I wrote a post on one of the greatest Wantan Mee back in August […]

Nice Spicy Banana Leaf @ Passion Of Kerala, Brown Garden

For those who have read my previous post on Nice Spicy Food, Banana Leaf, you would have come across the post on Passion of Karala’s banana leaf rice. There are actually few outlets of Passion of Karala in Penang, one of them is located at Service Road off Burma Road and another at New World Park. The […]

Hussle Free and Nice Food @ Stallion Restaurant

Are you tired of waiting for food in crowded eateries? If you are this type of person, Stallion will be the most suitable place for you. The name for this location is called Wisma Stallion. Anyway the exact location of this place will not be reviewed yet as I am getting the confirmation from the owner of this place. […]

First Vietnamese Fine Cuisine in Penang @ Miss Saigon, eGate

(Latest Update: This place had close down, due to some business issue. ) There are not much places selling Vietnamese food in Penang. The only place that I can recall is The Food Loaf at Gurney Plaza. However, so far in Penang there is no restaurant which offers authentic Vietnamese food. Now there is one restaurant […]

Some Of The Greatest Food – Genting Restaurant

Some people said, bad luck will not walk alone. Do you believe in this? For me I have just faced it. On my last week post I have mentioned about “A Near Dead Experience” where I was nearly killed if I walked to my car 30 minutes earlier. This week is even worst, I had dropped my wallet at the place I took my […]