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Special Home-made Laksa @ Wan Li, Sri Aman Seberang Prai

It has been a while since my friend introduced this place to me. My friend told me, “I am going to bring you to try out the laksa which is very different from the usual one we had at Penang Island”. I was thinking how different is the different? Is the laksa there tastes like wan tan […]

Tasty Malay Style Chicken Rice @ 3M Brothers Stall, Prai

There is a joke when someone called me over the phone and asked me where I am. I replied: “Wa ti kiao keh”. (I am asking for chicken, chicken in Chinese can be mean prostitute). The other end was a bit shocked and he keep asking: “Ha mit keh?” (What type of chicken?) I replied […]

Famous Penang Food @ Ong Cheng Huat Stall, Bagan Lallang

When talking about famous Penang food and or barbecued chick, usually people will be able to tell you the best place to get it. Although the place is not very fancy with no air-conditioned, however during the lunch time it will be very packed and mostly are waiting for the famous barbecued chick.  Not to mentioned on weekends, […]

Reasonable and Nice Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Kowloon Hainan Chicken Rice Stall

There are a lot of Hainanese chicken rice stalls around town area. Therefore, it is not easy to find a really good Hainanese chicken rice stall. Sometimes the taste varies from one to another and it becomes hard to tell which is the authentic of Hainanese chicken rice. Having said so, there is one which has a very close taste to the […]

Hidden Treasure Restaurant Chuan-Chuan Xiang @ Raja Uda

(Latest Update: This place had been close down operation due to some business issue.) There are a lot of “Buffet Lok-Lok” springing up like mushroom after a heavy downpour. Because of this, it has become common and many are offering almost similar style. But there are some which manage to take a twist to the traditional Lok […]

The Only Fermented Bean Curd Stall in Penang @ Inderwasih, Prai

A lot of people said that to be a food blogger is a very easy task. You only need to put the food into your mouth and write out the taste and that’s all. However, it is not as easy as what you think. If there is a food which looks and smells weird like […]