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Sai Toh Lim, Raja Uda – The Famous Sai Toh Koay Teow Thng

Sai Toh Fish Ball (Yellow Tail Snapper) is one of the most selected fish for making good fish balls which is an essential ingredient for Koay Teow Thng. Fish balls made from the yellow tail snapper are springy and bouncy in texture, that is the reason why it is a popular choice for preparing Koay Teow […]

Big Gin Na FamilyRestaurant,

It is not easy for young kids to sit down quietly during meal time. As parents it is common to face this situation when dining out. Either you will need a pacifier (phone or tablet) to calm them down or you might forcefully make them quiet by raising your voice while at the same time […]

CS Euro Auto Sdn. Bhd. – The Launching of Peugeot Club Malaysia

Recently Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang (PCMPG) was officially launched by CS EURO AUTO SDN. BHD., the first Peugeot 3S centre in northern region of Malaysia. This center is also know as Blue Box Butterworth. For the fans of Peugeot, you might had been aware of an online community known as Peugeot Club Malaysia. This club […]

Wah Hong Coffee Shop, Chai Leng Park – Appetizing and Delightful Yam Rice

In Hokkien, “I love Or Bui” means is I love yam rice. However, if you have mistakenly pronounced as “Or Pui”, it will have a complete different meaning, which means “dark fart”. OK jokes aside. Yam Rice is a unique dish that is only available widely in northern Malaysia. So far there are not many stalls […]

Lean Hup Bee, Butterworth – Dedicated Home Style Cooking

Home style cooking always makes me think of my grandma. I love the traditional coffee shop which preserve the olden days of cooking and food. One of the places that still serves old style home cooking is no other than Restaurant Lean Hup Bee,  联合美.

Starview Restaurant, Prai – A Dining Place for Family and Company Dinner

When a restaurant is famous, there are sure a lot of controversials about this place. Some will say that this place serves good food and provides good service. On the other hand, some feedback that the food and service is not up to par. Therefore, it is my duty to find out the true fact. There are 2 branches […]

Green Wellesley Restaurant – Cheapest Buffet in Town, Chai Leng Park

It was my usual working day travel to customer’s place and also the usual worry on what to eat during my lunch time. My tension increased even more when my college was expecting good food recommended by me. I hate when I ask them what kind of food do they have in mind, and the answer that I always […]