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Thai Boat Noodle, Summerton Bayan Indah – The Latest Trending Food

The trend of certain food always comes in waves. From German Cuisine to Japanese and Korean Cuisine. Also not to forget that doughnuts and bubble milk tea used to be among the very popular snacks. The latest trend in town which is spotted not only in Penang, but also in KL and many other states […]

Carpenter Street Cafe, Bayan Lepas – The Taste From The Land of Borneo

‘Ok, I will meet you at Carpenter Street’. If someone told you so, you might wonder where is Carpenter Street in Penang despite having Victoria Street and Beach Street. However, for those living in Kuching Sarawak, Carpenter Street is a very famous street near waterfront. This street is similar to Penang Chulia Street. However, when […]

Wok’s, Bayan Baru – Nice Food but Closing Soon

Many times, a lot people asked me where to go for dinner at Bayan Baru area. In fact, there are really not many nice places to dine at Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas area during dinner hours. However, I have managed to discover a nice restaurant recently. For those who love spicy and sour food, […]

Caffe Strada, Krystal Point – A Place For Gathering and Reunion

It was a sunny day during the invitation of Strada Caffe to all the Penang Food Bloggers for food review. It has been a very long time since we had this huge gathering. Although the dinner started on Saturday, 6pm, it was still very hot and sunny out there just like in the noon and many floggers […]

Dining at Airport Terminal @ T1 Restaurant and Pub, Bay Avenue

“Another summer day, has come and gone away, in Paris and Rome, but I wanna go home, I miss you, you know” – A song by Michael Buble. It always gives me the feeling of going home when I travel too far away from home for too long. Sometimes dining at the airport terminal while waiting for transit […]

Craving for That Roti Canai @ Sin Kim Sing, Jalan Tengah

Many times, during weekend morning thinking for a good place for breakfast might be killing me off. Usually, there will be few places in my head Sungai Tiram’s Breakfast, Batu Lanchang’s No 76 Breakfast Stall, O & N Wan Tan Mee, or even this particular post on Roti Canai. These are the few morning breakfast […]

Truly Hong Kong Style Food @ Canton-i, Queensbay Penang

It has been quite sometime that I wanted to blog about this restaurant. I still remember the first time I visited this restaurant was a few days after the opening and it was the day I planned to buy my client dinner. However, just after we sat down and flipped through the menu with the […]