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Simplifed and Made Easy Fo Tiao Qiang ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ (佛跳墙) Steps and Recipe

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is also known as 佛跳墙 (Fo Tiao Qiang) in Chinese. It was a very famous dish for the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. The reason why this dish is known as Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is there was once a scholar was cooking and preparing this dish next to a […]

Free Recipe @ Classical Teow Chew Chai Kuih

It was my honor to get this teaching from my granny-in-law to cook the near-extinct Teow Chew delicacy. All the while the type of Chai Kuih that we get from the market is very common and usual in shape. However, the type of Chai Kuih that I am going to reveal now is more unique […]

Free Recipe @ Creamy Lemon Seafood Fusilli Pasta

Cooking can be very fun and easy. Especially cooking with fusion Italiano food. One of my favorites will be Creamy Lemon Seafood Fusilli. The recipe that I am using will be more simplified and easier to get than the usual authentic one. The recipe can serve 3 pax. The ingredients for this Creamy Lemon Seafood Fussili Pasta […]

FREE Recipe @ Korean Kimchi Fried Rice

For those that love to cook yet looking for easier recipe, below will be the ingredients and steps on how to prepare Korean Kimchi fried rice. Ingredients: 2 – 4 cups of rice 1 x bottle Kimchi paste 1 x box of pre-mixed Kimchi 1 x egg 1 x table spoon of soy sauce 1 […]

FREE Recipe for Confinement @ Kung Pao Chicken

Many people questioned if Food Blogger knows how to eat do they really know how to cook? Let me tell you, my principle as a food blogger is if you want to criticize the taste of other people you should first evaluate your own food. Cooking has always been one of my hobbies. Sometimes we may have a recipe ready in […]

FREE Recipe @ Australian Healthy Banana Bread

Usually the word healthy doesn’t tie well with tasty. I was very doubtful when my friend passed me this recipe. This recipe is said to fly all the way from Australia and it is prepared by the chef of a famous hotel. The main ingredients which are used to make this healthy Austalian banana bread are […]

FREE Recipe @ Vegetable Caesar Salad

When come to preparing food for party or pot luck, it would be a headache to most people, especially when you have budget constraint. As for the recipe provided below this will solve your problem as the cost incurred is less than RM10 for the full consumption of 5 persons and pot luck for 10 persons. With […]