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Mr. Pork Western Food, Tanjung Tokong – Specialized In Porky-licious Dishes

Oink…oink…show some respect to the pork. It is very hard to find a good pork-serving restaurant in Penang, not to mention specializing in pork. I’ve just realized there are many pork lovers around like me that love to patronize pork specialty restaurants. One of the upcoming and nice pork specialty restaurants in town is Mr. […]

Moustache Houze, Campbell Street Penang – Great Coffee and Nice Cakes

There is abundant of heritage houses popping up around town area. However, owning one of them will cause a fortune. For me, I might not be able to earn one of that in a short time. Instead of owning one, hiring one of this places for relaxing and chilling might be a good idea than […]

Pork Satay, New Lane – Uniquely Coconut Fragrance Satay

Variety is the keyword for Penang food. There are Penang food available in selection of culture, varieties of choice and also varieties in taste. One of the places in town that sell varieties of Penang food is the New Lane hawkers center. The food here range from Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Char Hor Fun and […]

Hard Rock Hotel Sand Bar Launching, Batu Ferringhi – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Hard Rock is an international icon to people around the globe. Although language might be a barrier, when people visit Hard Rock Hotel or Cafe, all will be in one language – music, food and entertainment. Hard Rock Hotel in Penang is a luxury resort situated along the famous beaches of Batu Ferringhi. With a total of […]

G Hotel, Soy and Sesame Restaurant – Luscious Chocolate Buffet

Wow… Chocolate Buffet? What type of Penang food is that? I have never heard before. The most common that I have tried are International buffet, Japanese Buffet or Chinese Style Buffet but never in my life have I tried Chocolate Buffet. For those that have the same feeling like myself, there is a new concept […]

Tang Yen Hawker Stall (甜汤圆), Magazine Road – Traditionally Favorite Savor

Tang Yuan (汤圆) is the sticky glutinous rice ball cooked in sweet-flavoured pandan water. These rice balls are symbolic of completion, happiness and fulfillment and that’s why it is also served in certain festive seasons in the Chinese Community. However, this Tang Yuan is only available during special occasion. Therefore it is not easy to get this dish on normal […]

David Brown’s Restaurant, Penang Hill – Chill, Dine and Relax

Ever since the cable car of Penang Hill was upgraded, locals and foreigners were seen dashing to the railway station to take a ride on the new funicular train. As expected, there was a long queue waiting to enter the station especially due to the long weekends . The wait for the cable car was about 20 minutes. Whereas […]