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Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive – A Place for Family Day Out

Gurney Paragon, this is the latest and happening place in town. Gurney Paragon is a place for everyone. You can come here to hang out with friends or even have a quality time with family. For me, a quality weekend would be a day to hang out with family. Gurney Paragon is located at Gurney […]

De Tai Tong Cafe, Cintra Street – Creative Salted Fish Bun (咸鱼包)

咸鱼包 (Salted fish bun) is one of the rare food in Penang. The pao or bun has never existed in any restaurants until recently. Salted fish bun was first introduced by the Hong Kong TVB drama series “Gilded Chopsticks 食為奴”. In this drama, the emperor of Qing Dynasty was conducting a survey on its citizens […]

55 Cafe & Restaurant @ Coffee Atelier – The Trendy 3D Latte Art

Coffee art is so common in Penang lately. Most of the barristers know how to make coffee arts. However, not all of them know how to make beautiful 3D coffee art. There are only few cafes in Penang which are able to provide 3D coffee art on the cuppa. One of the cafes that makes […]

Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street – Famous Penang Roti Bakar & Kopi

Penang is always famous with its food. Many Penangites are very proud to introduce the streets or hawker food to the world. If the street food in Penang would rank no. 2 in terms of varieties and taste, no other countries or states would dare to rank itself no.1. As Penangites we surely know how […]

Lighthouse Coffee Bar, Bishop Street – Sipping The Best Coffee In Town

The most looking forward moment of the day is after 6pm, when I can sit down and enjoy a pleasant dinner. The most looking forward moment of the week is on a Sunday peaceful morning, when I can sit down in a cafe while sipping nice and aromatic coffee. One of the cafes that I […]

Hungry Go Where Food Trail – Where The Eatery Adventure Began

HungryGoWhere is also known as HGW. The term HGW is already well known to most Singaporeans. Whenever they feel hungry or run out of idea where to get food, they will search for this website or use the mobile app to hunt for good food or better dining ideas. HGW is supported by SingTel Digital Media Pte. […]

New York Burger Time, Jalan Irrawaddi – Serving The Varieties of Burgers

Burger has been a popular food in Penang seen 19th century. However, it was seen as a normal serving of food around until recently when there is a sudden abnormal growth of burger cafes in Penang. Many burger cafes started selling varieties and special types of burger. They tried to make their burgers outstanding by serving […]