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Han Sang – Well-Being Korean Food, Tanjung Tokong

Prima Tanjung used to be one of the prime business and dinning areas in the northern part of Penang island. However, in recent years numerous Koreans and Japanese have called it ‘home’ for their business. It is slowly becoming a mini town of Korean/Japanese. For those who know me well, I like to explore new places and new […]

K-Pot, Prima Tanjung – Home Cooked Korean Food

In Asia, when we say K-Pop Music, naturally we are referring to Korean Pop Music. When we say K-Drama, again that means Korean Drama. Therefore, it seems like a default when people say they love K-Food, meaning to say they like Korean Food. When there is a food known as K-Pot, of course it is referring […]

E & O Hotel, Sarkies Corner – Jamuan Buka Puasa

Bulan Ramadhan is the holy month for all Muslims in the world. During this month the Muslims will fast for the whole month in order to purify and cleanse the body and soul. The fasting of the day will only end at dusk when the announcement is made and prayer is done. At this time […]

Zi Zai Restaurant (自在饭店), Paya Terubong – Reasonable and Varieties Dining

Zi Zai Restaurant (自在饭店), the name of the restaurant made me recall a Chow Yun Fat movie (和平饭店) “The Peace Hotel”. The place of the hotel in the movie was located at a secluded area and the whole place was full of gun fire and it was dramatic. As for Zi Zai Restaurant, the location is […]

Traditional Korean Food @ Sa Rang Chae Restaurant, Jalan Gottlieb

I used to complain that the Korean food in Penang is not as authentic as those in KL and other places. However, this shut my mouth after I tried out the Korean food at Sa Rang Chae Korean BBQ and Korean cuisine restaurant. First of all, I need to thank CK Lam for the arrangement of this review […]

Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Main Dishes Chapter

This post is continued from Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Starter, Drinks And Dessert Chapter. On the last chapter I have introduced the starters, drinks and also the desserts of Haven Delights at Penang Time Square, this round would be on the main courses of Haven Delights. This is the buffet corner for those who prefer […]

Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Starter, Drinks And Dessert Chapter

If you are looking for Japanese creations, Korean dishes,  Hong Kong meals and Shanghainese food but budget is still a constraint for you, fear not. The following place that I am going to introduce covers all the introduction of the multi-cuisine above  and at the same time you will be glad to be a part of […]