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US Pizza, Summerton – Creamy Cheesy Pizza with Fonterra Anchor

Anchor is always coming out with new and creative ways to partner with various food outlets to give creations to its customers. This time, Anchor Food Professionals has partnered with local pizza maker US Pizza to come up with something special especially for cheese lovers. The name of the campaign is called “PizzaArt”. This takes […]

Georgetown Heritage Day, a Uniquely Penang Experience

Penang celebrates the inscription of the city as a World Heritage City by UNESCO and the government has set July 7 as a public holiday for Penang every year. This public holiday is uniquely celebrated in Penang and not in any other states in Malaysia. But do you know that on this special day, there […]

Zhao Homemade Pastry – Delivers Smooth and Fluffy Ogura Cakes To Your Doorstep

In recent months, we can see the latest craze that hit the town is chiffon cakes especially those in shopping malls. One of their selling points is the cakes are baked in-store in mass and once ready, the meter-long hot cakes are sliced in front of the crowd, sending aromatic smell to anticipating customers. Taste […]

Preparing Simple and Easy Hawaiian Pizza

The cooking trend nowadays is to prepare something which is simple and quick, like pizza. To some, pizza may not be easy to prepare but if you take a look at my video below, you will know that making a pizza from scratch is not as complicated as what you think.

Eam Huat Steamboat, Batu Lanchang – Traditional Charcoal Type of Fish Head Steamboat

There are only a few places in Penang which are still serving charcoal steamboat. The reason that not many restaurants are using this traditional method is it takes time to prepare and it is not easy to maintain. However, Eam Huat still insists in practicing this traditional method for its customers. If you are looking […]

Little Street Cafe, Jalan Irrawaddy – Simple with a Special Twist Dining

Little Street Cafe is located out of the main street of cafes and restaurants. It is tucked in between the old houses along Jalan Irrawaddy. Little Street Cafe has been running for almost a year. The name “Little Street” came into the picture as the owner wanted to have the taste of street food incorporated […]

Hin Pin Goreng Pisang, Tanjong Bungah – Penang Famous Snack

Looking for some crunchy and crispy snacks for afternoon tea? One of the famous snacks in Penang is Pisang Goreng. The name of this stall is known as Hin Pin Goreng Pisang and it is located at Tanjong Bungah. For more details check out the video below: