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360 Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant in Penang – Affordable RM88 nett Buffet

It was once a glorious building and a trademark of Penang back in the 90’s. I still remember when I was young at that time, my parents brought me to the one and the only revolving restaurant in Penang which is located at the top floor of Bayview Hotel, Georgetown.


Over the years, the revolving restaurant had been quiet for a while until the recent takeover by the new management. They have revived and restored this restaurant to its former glory. The rooftop of Three Sixty (360) is a great place to dine where the restaurant will be revolved in a slow and gentle momentum for patrons to enjoy each a 360° panoramic view of Penang island.


If you arrived at the rooftop at around 7 pm, you will get to enjoy the magnificent and breathtaking sunset just before the night kicks in. Next to the revolving restaurant is Penang’s first Sky Bar which serves cocktails, mocktails, liquor, beers and wines.


The sky bar is also a perfect place to gather and have a drink besides enjoying the splendid view of Georgetown city.



You can get a close-up of the bustling traffic in Georgetown and zooming in to the view of Butterworth port activities.


The clear blue sky with the gentle breeze is a nice spot at this rooftop.


A glass of nice and cold drink is perfect in this hot and humid weather.


The theme of the buffet at Bayview Hotel’s 360 Revolving Restaurant is all about Nyonya and Malaysian Cuisine. The price is at RM88 per pax and for senior citizen of 60 years old and above, there will be a 20% off from the bill daily. Whereas for birthday guests, there will be 20% off on birthday month on dining. The entitlement is 2 for pax maximum. The birthday promotion is only available from Sunday – Thursday.

The list of the buffet items is as below:


  • chicken ‘lor bak’ with sesame chilli sauce
  • crispy chicken wantan with sweet chilli dip
  • kerabu chicken with black fungus
  • spicy glass noodle salad with lemongrass dressing
  • acar awak (vegetable pickle)
  • nyonya pie tee (top hats)
  • rojak (penang’s version of fruit salad)
  • gado-gado
  • acar fish
  • mesclun leaves
  • assorted cruditees
  • wasabi honey dressing
  • spicy lemongrass vinaigrette
  • caesar dressing


With this much of options for appetizer, I still love Rojak the best. Partially due to the enticing rojak sauce that tasted so classic and delightful.


Main Course

  • slow braised beef rendang. Aromatic rendang gravy with tender beef slices.


  • 6 spice marinated bbq chicken, one of the signatures here. The aroma of chicken was packed with spices, turmeric, lemon grass and etc.


  • lamb “kurma”, the lamb slices were cooked until soft and tender and served with kurma curry.


  • chicken & mushroom pie, very nice Hainanese style chicken pie with a crispy and buttery crust. The pie was stuffed with creamy chicken and mushroom paste. This is the dish that you would go for second round helping.


  • otak-otak, a rich and delightful Malay fish cake. It was nicely prepared with the right taste and ingredients.


  • ayam masak merah, red and spicy gravy with chicken cooked in Malay Style, it was a nice curry chicken but it is not my cup of tea.


  • nyonya prawn, fresh prawns cooked in herbs and turmeric, it had a nice fragrance and prawns were fresh. Thumbs up!


  • enchee kabin is a Hainanese crunchy fried chicken. The chicken were marinated perfectly with the spices and deep-fried till golden brown.


  • mee goreng mamak, the yellow noodle that was fried with chili and spices thus tasted slightly spicy.


  • buttered vegetables, the vegetables gave a nice kick after cooked with butter.


  • Asam and Lemak Laksa, the asam version was slightly spicy and sour whereas the lemak laksa was rich in coconut milk. Both were equally good and with a spoon of shrimp paste, they tasted marvelous.

Three_Sixty_Revolving_Restaurant18 Three_Sixty_Revolving_Restaurant19

Other food include but not limited to:

  • tomato rice/plain white rice
  • roti jala
  • ikan masak lemak


  • (International)
  • sticky toffee pudding gateau
  • sago gula melaka
  • creme caramel
  • tiramisu
  • nyonya kuih
  • bread & butter pudding
  • 3 flavor ice cream
  • strawberry trifle
  • black glutinous rice porridge with longan & coconut
  •  assorted fresh fruits
  • ice kacang /cendul
  • coffee/tea


For those looking for a nice place to hang out at night, the Sky Bar is a great place to be.


Having a drink and enjoying the night breeze.


The beautiful night view of Georgetown is just beneath your feet.


Overall, the price for the buffet here is reasonable as RM88 nett per person is hard to get in Penang hotels. The variety of the buffet is catered to those who love local and Nyonya food. Not to mention that this is the one and only revolving restaurant to have buffet dinner. The only drawback is the coffee served here is not brewed coffee but instead just regular instant white coffee or black coffee.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 04-261 3540
Address: A, 25, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang.
GPS: 5.4219623,100.3359615

Balik Kampung at Balik Pulau – The Lost and Found Laksa and Hokkien Mee

The famous Balik Pulau Laksa and Hokkien Mee at Jalan Baharu which used to be at Jalan Baharu had since moved several times. It moved to Lorong Chong Teik for several months and then moved to a hawker center before settling back to Jalan Baharu. This new location is different from its initial place and is better known as Balik Kampung at Balik Pulau.


‘Balik Kampung’ is the Malay saying of ‘back to hometown’. It is not only a good place for great ‘kampung’ activities, but also a great place for delicious local delicacies such as the above-mentioned ‘Hokkien Mee’ and ‘Laksa’.


The entrance of Balik Kampung is greeted by the eatery on the left and a private residence in front.


Right before entering the eatery, we were also welcomed by a strong scent of “belacan” or shrimp paste cake covering the entire place.


We found that one of the stalls was preparing Belacan Fried Rice and this was where the scent was coming out. Now we know there is an additional dish to look forward to besides Hokkien Mee and Laksa at Balik Kampung, that is the Belacan Fried Rice.


Hokkien Mee and Laksa are only available on Saturdays and Sundays.


Asam Laksa – RM4 Regular, RM5 Big. This is the traditional Penang Asam Laksa, cooked with tamarind, fish broth, vegetables, onion, curry flowers, rice noodle and chili spices. Serving together with the laksa was a tablespoon of thick prawn paste.


The taste of the laksa has never changed since they were at their original place. It was still as good where the broth was sourish and slightly spicy, both at the right proportion. The refreshing vegetables and the shrimp paste complemented well with the thick rice noodle.


Hokkien Mee – RM4 Regular, RM5 Big. The soup base of the Hokkien Mee is cooked from prawns for long hours and served with a mixture of thin rice noodle and egg noodles, some pork slices, a quarter of half-boiled egg, some fried onions and a table spoon of chili paste.


The thick prawn broth tasted very strong  and packed with prawn flavour. It went well with the spiciness of the chili paste. It was a great thing that they still remain the consistency of the taste from the beginning.


Belacan Fried Rice – RM5.50, the rice was fried with belacan (shrimp paste cake) and served together with pan-fried pork pieces, fresh onions, shredded egg, deep fried anchovies, shredded green mango and garnished with coriander. Besides, the dish was also served with a halved lime and sambal chili.


The belacan aroma on the rice was very fragrant. It was well-complemented with the slight sweetness of the soy sauced pork slices and the sambal chilli. This dish is one of the highlights at this place too.


Green Curry Chicken Rice – RM6.50, the green curry was cooked with coconut milk, spices, Thai basil leaves, winter melon and based with lettuce. Serving together with this dish were rice and fried egg.


The richness of the coconut milk that was used to cook the green was counteracted by the freshness of the winter melon, hence reduced the creamy taste of this dish making it more pleasant to taste.


Iced San Zha (Chinese Hawthorn) Water – RM1.50, the water boiled from Chinese Hawthorn was served in ice with a thin slice of apple. It tasted very refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Iced Barley – RM1.20, homecooked barley water with minimum of sugar added to the drink.


Butterfly Pea Water – RM1.20, which is good to reduce blood sugar level. This is a special drink and is only prepared when requested.


If you are ordering drinks for your kids, the owner is very kind to serve the drink in a special Minion bottle which puts a smile on every kid’s face.


Walk further inside you will find a beautiful garden just behind the eatery.


Packaged activities can be organized for groups which you may call to inquire. Separate activities for the kids such as boat-paddling is available as well.

  • Small boat, 20 minutes ride – RM5
  • Big boat, 20 minutes ride – RM8


Kids living in big towns these days do not get the chance to fish in the river unlike kids in the olden days. At Balik Kampung, there is a good chance for you and your kids to learn how to fish and have some great ‘kampung’ fun.


Overall, the ‘lost’ of Balik Pulau Jalan Baharu Laksa and Hokkien Mee is finally found to be stationed at Balik Kampung at Balik Pulau. The taste of both of these dishes still remains while at the same time you get to savour other dishes such as Belacan Fried Rice and Green Curry Chicken Rice which tasted superb too. It is definitely a win-win place to be at Balik Pulau as there are many fun activities available as well besides its great food.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:30am – 5:10pm (Open on Saturday and Sunday)
Contact: 013-323 7777
Address: 278 MK D, Kuala Jalan Baharu, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang.
GPS: 5.353278, 100.200500

Menya Miyabi, Queensbay Mall – The Authentic Hokkaido Ramen

Authenticity and localization are always contradictory when setting up a foreign restaurant out of its original place. Sometimes the acceptance level of the dishes is different at different places. Therefore some restaurants chose to improvise its food to suit local taste buds. However, the real challenge is suit local taste buds and to maintain the authenticity with the ingredients from the origin place that might incure high cost of import of ingredients and educating the local to accept that authenticity taste.


Menya Miyabi, one of the ramen shop originated from Hokaido is insisting with precision about the authenticity taste from their origin. The master chef Seiya Takana will fly down from Hokaido every 3 months to perform an audit of the food served here to make sure it is at par of the requirement.


Expecting the high demand from the local, Menya Miyabi is expending another new branch which will be located at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya.


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Macalister Mansion, Georgetown – New Menu, New Concept

Macalister Mansion is known for its fine-dining, private functions, impressive wine cellar, boutique-style accommodation and classy breakfast.


The dining area at Macalister Mansion looks elegant and neat.


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Plan B, Queensbay & Gurney Paragon – Your New Local

Plan B is a creative space specifically designed to encourage people to eat, linger and to get inspired. Offering an edgy alternative to the cookie-cutter coffee bars, Plan B is a culture café that focuses on artisan coffee and creative cooking.


The style of food at Plan B is Aussie-meets-New York deli, with contemporary flavours, comprising of salads, sandwiches, pastas and a huge variety of cakes.


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China House BTB, Georgetown – The Classic Dinning with Modern Touch

China House is one of the pioneers in the cafe scene of Penang before the others started to spring up. It is famous for its scrumptious cakes and good coffee. Other than food, it is also well-known for its unique architecture as it has a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising of shops, cafes, restaurant, galleries, live music and bakery. It has the longest path to reach the end. This time, I’m returning for their fine-dining cuisine since my first visit in 2012.

The moment you walked into the cafe, you will be welcomed by the vast variety of cakes. The cakes looked very inviting and Westernised partially due its classic glass covers. They were so popular that most of the time they were almost sold out.


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ECC Coffee, Gurney Tower – Another Great Way To Enjoy Coffee

A coffee addict like myself will constantly hunt for good coffee. The latest addition to the list of cafes is ECC Coffee. Espressa Coffee Company (ECC)‘s Flagship Cafe is located at Gurney Tower and has opened for business on 1st March 2016. In an effort to bridge the gap between “the third place” and “the concept store”, Executive Director – Mr. Solomon Lee and its management team strive towards establishing ECC as the solution. As a first of its kind cafe, ECC Coffee will be launching its first wave of signature beverages including coffee, chocolate and fruit tea range along with merchandises such as ECC special mix sachets and more to come.


ECC Coffee promotes a different way to prepare a cup of coffee. At ECC, if you dine in, a shot of coffee is added with another shot of espresso . This makes the coffee even stronger.


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