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Sea Queen Restaurant, Tanjong Tokong – Royal Tasting Seafood Cuisine

Just received a call that Miss Hello Kitty is getting married to Mr. Cat Man. The wedding reception will be held at one of the grandest Chinese restaurants in Penang, which is the Sea Queen Restaurant in Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong. Although the “wedding” invitation is a prank, the food review invitation that will be held at Sea Queen is real.


Sea Queen Restaurant is strategically located where it overlooks a splendid seafront view on Straits Quay. Sea Queen ensures that all her patrons dine “royally “with the freshest-caught treasures of the sea, prepared by skillful master chefs who have been specially trained in a host of authentic and mouth-watering local cuisine.


Sea Queen is a testament of Madam Loh’s long experience and love for seafood. Specialising in freshly caught local seafood with a variety of delicious authentic cuisine, the Sea Queen fully accommodates up to 1800 patrons or 180 tables for both indoor and outdoor events including weddings, annual corporate dinners, anniversaries, birthdays and any other functions that require a touch of royal tasting seafood cuisine.


It is not hard to locate Sea Queen Restaurant. If you know how to get to Straits Quay, you will know how to get to Sea Queen Restaurant as it is just located at Strait Quay. Apart from the usual wedding dinner packages and ala-carte orders, Sea Queen Restaurant has come out with affordable set lunches valued at RM7.90++ each.

This set lunch promotion is only available on Weekdays: 11am – 2:30pm.

The selections of the set lunch are:
1) Chicken
2) Fish Fillet
3) Mantis Shrimp
4) Pork


For whatever selection that you have chosen above, you can have it prepared in one of these styles:

  • Dried Chili Sauce with rice
  • Drid Shrimp Sauce with rice
  • Spring Onion & Ginger Sauce with rice
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce with rice
  • Marmite Sauce with rice
  • Whear Flakes with rice
  • Lemon Sauce with rice
  • Mixed Vegetables with rice

Mantis Shrimp cooked with dried shrimp sauce served with rice, the taste of the mantis shrimp was very fresh and the spices and spiciness level were just nice. It is perfect to go with rice as it would be a bit salty if eaten without the rice.


Fish Fillet cooked with lemon sauce and served with rice. For health conscious people, this dish will be the best option. It has a balanced-diet with a tangy lemon touch.


Chicken cooked with marmite sauce and served with rice. The chicken pieces were marinated with marmite sauce, then pan fried until golden perfection. For kids or non-spicy lovers, you can consider this dish.

All the set lunches are served with soup of the day and also with tea or water.

Other than the set lunches, the wedding packages are also one of the best in Penang. Below is the list of Sea Queen Wedding Packages:


One of the Wedding Packages that is value for money is Wedding Package Emerald – RM668 ++

  1. Five Happiness Hot & Cold Combination – This is the usual five types of combination starter for most of the wedding events. My favourites from dish are the smoked duck and the scallop rolls. The smoked duck was so juicy and flavourful while the scallop rolsl which were wrapped with ham and topped with sago balls were full of seafood flavour.
  2. Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat – I believe most of the shark’s fin soup now are being replaced with substitutes to avoid the killing of sharks. The addition of crab meat enhanced the soup’s texture and taste.
  3. Stewed Chicken with Chinese Herbs – The chicken was stewed with Chinese herbs for long hours. The taste of the soup was slightly on the salty side. Other than that the taste of the chicken was quite delightful.
  4. Steamed Red Snapper with Siamese Style – The red snapper was steamed with Sea Queen’s homemade Siamese sauce, and topped with slices of onion, lady fingers, tomatoes and sprinkled with a touch of coriander. For my personal preference, I still like the fresh fish to be served in Cantonese steam style or Teow Chew steam style. This way the freshness and original taste of the fish will be preserved.
  5. Braised Mushroom with Bean Curd Roots & Puff – Few types of mushrooms were braised with broccoli’s, bean curd roots and some puffs. This dish is perfect for vegetarians and those observing healthy diet.
  6. Pan Fried Sea Prawns – The sea prawns were pan fried with peppery and spicy sauce, and served together with some onions and Thai basil leaves. The prawns were fresh and juicy. This is one of my favourites.
  7. Steamed Rice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf, the rice was first fried with mushrooms and Chinese sausages before being wrapped up with Lotus leaf and brought to steam. The aroma of the was magnificent and it blended very well with all the ingredients within.
  8. Chilled Longan with Syrup – The syrup and longan were added with ice cubes and lemon slices to make it more appetizing and cooling.
  9. Sweet Fancy Double Delights – The egg yolk custard buns and matchi buns are one of the best desserts to end the meal with. The egg yolk custard buns will burst out its golden goodness consisted of egg yolk and custard once bitten. On the other hand, the matchi bun had a slightly softer outer layer and less juicy inner part thus complementing its juicier counterpart.

Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly with Lime – RM5.00++ per serving is one of the specialities here. The ice cream sorbet is the key to the this drink appetizing. I would strongly recommend this drink to those who love a refreshing drink after a heavy meal.


Overall, the convenience of parking at Straits Quay is one of the consideration points for those looking for a venue to host their wedding dinner. The taste of the food here is good and the price is also reasonable considering the location and environment.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm;  6:00pm – 10:30pm (Daily), 11:00am – 10:30pm (Public Holiday)
Contact: 010-4040 299 / 010-4050 299
Address: G3 & 3A, Strait Quay, Seri Tanjong Pinang, Tanjong Tokong 10470 Penang.
GPS: 5.4590322,100.3136235


Wine Fiesta 2015 @ Macalister Mansion, Macalister Road

Chilling with unlimited flow of red, white wines and Champagne has always been a great enjoyment. How often do we get to encounter this kind of opportunity, unless during special occasions. Wine Fiesta 2015, is one of the grand occasions for public to have a taste of over 100 featured wines across the continents for an all-round, enriching experience.


It has been an honour to be invited to this prestigious and extravagant event where we got to meet some great people with a common interest. 

There were eight wine distributors who took this opportunity to display their best and unique wines for tasting. If you like what you are tasting, you can even purchase the bottle of wine at a cheaper price.


During that day, Macalister Mansion was so happening like never before. Every single corner was packed with people.


There were live bands at both dinning area and living room.


Other than the wine suppliers showcasing their best of wines, there were also some suppliers exhibiting wine containers and holders to complement the event.


Canapé was being served all night long which was great as a finger food.


The wine collection at the cellar was also available for sale.


The staff were busy preparing and cleaning the glasses during the wine tasting session.


The expected crowd was so huge that the organizer had a canopy extended out of the mansion to cater for the session.


The showcase of the wines ranging from Chateau to Pinot Noir.


Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon were available as well.


Ever popular ones like Merlot and Shiraz definitely would not be missed out.


Each of the showcase at this event had its own identity and uniqueness. It catered for every tastebud, be it mild or full bodied. The is one of the most fruitful events for wine lovers. I had been told by Macalister Mansion management that this event will be held every year. I am already looking forward to it with much anticipation.

Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, 11400 Penang.

: 04-2283888

GPS location
: 5.4208356, 100.318737

Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Batu Ferringhi – Spa Of Rhythm and Motion

Attending a spa is a rare event for me. Attending the world’s first Rhythm and Motion spa is not only rare but a surprise for me. Rhythm and Motion spa is the trademark of Hard Rock Hotel. This is the world’s first fully immersive music-center spa menu utilizing amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns, as the foundation of its treatments.


As a person who seldom goes for spa treatments, the treatments that I am aware of are usually body scrub and full-body aromatherapy massage. I can’t imagine how the synchronicity, face the music and heat wave treatments are going to be like in a spa session. In fact, I was selected to try out “heat wave” spa treatment.


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59Sixty – Buffet with Panoramic View

Dining at the top of that particular place has always been a great experience as it makes you feel like you are at the top of the world and usually it is an exclusive dining experience.


Previously, I had the honor to review at the tip of Penang Hill for its dinner. This time, instead of being at the tip of a hill, it is at the tip of the tallest building in Penang which is KOMTAR.


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Oz Restaurant, Elite Avenue – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

To a typical Asian, an Australian cuisine usually gives the impression of nothing significant but another western cuisine. However, to me Australian cuisine is very much different from a typical Western cuisine. The food in Australian restaurants is usually healthy and balanced.


No doubt there are not many Australian Restaurants in Penang for us to have an in-depth experience with Australian cuisine. Those restaurants that serve healthy and balanced food are only a handful. Today, one of the restaurants that I am going to introduce is Oz Restaurant.


Oz restaurant is located at Elite Avenue. If you are driving from town area towards Bayan Baru, there is a very high chance that you will be using Jalan Dr. Tun Awang. If you are on this road, you will see a junction that will lead to Jalan Tengah. Turn left to Jalan Tengah, keep driving until the second left junction. You will need to turn into Persiaran Matsuri, turn the first right turn to Jalan Mayang Pasir 3 and you will see Elite Avenue is on your left.

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AirAsia Bloggers Community (#AABC Takeover Penang) with Quick Tour of Georgetown

It is an honour to be selected as one of the bloggers for AirAsia Bloggers Community (AABC). As a member of the bloggers community, the duty is to explore and to promote that particular place or sometimes to create awareness about certain process or knowledge of certain products.



This round, in conjunction with Penang Global Tourism (PGT), AABC is having an “invasion” to a city, and it happened to be in my hometown – Georgetown, Penang. Penang is one the 13 states in Malaysia. It is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. The island of Penang is also known as Pearl of Eastern and has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status as the city center is famous with heritage buildings. When you talk to Penangites about food, it would be an endless topic as Penang has so much to offer.

Each AABC team had several tasks to be completed in a given time. Only one winning team will be declared as the winner and prizes would be given to the entire team.

If you are having a short time and yet you are planing to visit some of the famous places in Penang, you can always follow the guide below:

Places of Attraction in Penang:


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Sunday Day Out at Occupy Beach Street

For those looking for some family outing during the weekend, Occupy Beach Street is an ideal choice. Part of Beach Street will be closed from driving vehicles to make way for this event. Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed into the area. Occupy Beach Street is held every Sunday from 7:00am – 1:00pm.


Project Occupy Beach Street is in conjunction with Penang “Car Free Day” where the public is encouraged to walk or cycle in Penang’s heritage area.


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