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TeddyVille Meseum Penang, Batu Ferringhi – A Place for Teddy Lovers

TeddyVille Museum has one of the largest teddy bear collection in the world. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia and it proudly resides in Penang, Malaysia. Have you seen the first animated teddy? Which teddies are limited editions? Do you know the history of teddy bears? If you don’t know and have not known much about these, please visit TeddyVille Museum in Penang. For a brief introduction of TeddyVille Museum please see my video below:


Hard Rock Penang Christmas And New Year Eve Buffet 2016


It is never too early to plan a Christmas and New Year’s celebration with friends and family. Whether you are planning a short family getaway, a dining celebration or a party, Hard Rock Hotel Penang has it all. For more details, check out this video……

StevenGo Travel Hong Kong – Day Three


The series of my StevenGo Travel videos is brining to my Day 3 of my visit to Hong Kong. During this video, I will provide some tips on where to get the great local delicacies at Lantau Island.

Click the video below and I hope this will give you a guide and some inspirations when planning for a trip to Hong Kong.

Kacang Phool Penang, Desiran Tanjung – Uniquely Breakfast in Penang


Kacang Phool, which is also known as broad bean, is one of the major ingredients in serving as breakfast in the Middle East. In fact, Roti Bakar Kacang Phool is also very famous in Johor. But now you don’t have to travel all the way to Johor to enjoy this unique delicacy as it is now available in Penang. To know more about what is kacang phool roti bakar, please have a look at my video below:


Hard Rock Cafe, Batu Ferringhi – Holiday Platter for Holiday Season

The Hard Rock Cafe Penang adapts a classy and stylish concept adorned with red-painted walls and splashes of gold.   The walls of the cafe are decorated with authentic memorabilia of artists from different decades. During this festive holiday season, Hard Rock Cafe has prepared a “Holiday Rock Platter” catered for families or even group of people who can celebrate the happiness together.


The “Holiday Rock Platter” has the following dishes:

Shellfish bisque with sweet basil soup

Main Course:
Onion Rings
BBQ Beef Ribs
Penne Arabiatta
Piri Piri Chicken Wings
Legendary Hollywood Burgers
Grilled Shrimp skewer with Kalbi sauce
Baked Fish with Charmoula sauce

Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream


Shellfish bisque with sweet basil soup – This is a French origin soup. It is a very thick and creamy based soup cooked with shellfish. This soup should be taken when it is hot, else it will be very thick and salty.


Onion Rings – The battered onion slices were deep fried till golden perfection and served with home-mixed barbecue sauce. No one can resist this simple and delicious crunchy goodness.


Grilled Shrimp skewer with Kalbi sauce – Kalbi sauce is Korean’s favorite barbecue sauce. It is sweet based and with a hint of saltiness as well. The coating of this sauce made the chewy fresh shrimps even more appetizing.


Penne Arabiatta – The pasta which has been mixed with some chili pepper and tomato paste, topped with some cheese and chopped onion, it is simple and satisfying.


Legendary Hollywood Burgers – The classic and yet compacted patty, the taste was very rich and packed with flavours.


Piri Piri Chicken Wings – The chicken wings were marinated with piri-piri sauce which consisted of crushed chilies, citrus peel, onion, pepper, salt, lemon juice and some paprika. This dish was quite spicy, but will be very exciting for those who love spiciness.


BBQ Beef Ribs – The grilled tender and juicy BBQ beef ribs, which is the main highlight for the platter. The barbecue ribs were covered with the tempting home-mixed barbecue sauce and overall it was a fulfilling and divine dish.


Cowboy bean – this was cooked with pinto beans, garlic and slices of onion which tasted like baked beans to me.


Baked Fish with Charmoula sauce – This Moroccan sauce was made from fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and warm spices. The taste was similar to our “ikan bakar” (Malay Style Baked Fish).


For those who do not take beef, you can opt to replace the beef ribs and beef burger to chicken thighs and chicken burger.


Barbecue chicken thigh – Comparatively, the barbecue ribs were more juicy, flavourful and tender. However, the chicken thighs could be a good option as well when served with their signature barbecue sauce.


Chicken burger patty instead of beef patty.


Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream – This is a heavenly enjoyment towards the end of the meal. The hot brownie was served with chilled vanilla ice cream which made a great combo. I simply love this dessert.


Overall, this platter is great for sharing among family and friends. The portion is guaranteed to last you till the end of the day.

The platter is currently offered at Hard Rock Cafe Penang  from 1 November – 23 December 2016.
Rock Platter for 2 persons at RM160 nett
Rock Platter for 3 persons at RM240 nett

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Corkage Charge (RM200 per bottle)
Credit Card
Smoking (available outdoor)
Private Room

Operation hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-881 1711
Address: Hard Rock Hotel Cafe,Batu Ferringhi Beach,11100 Penang, Malaysia
GPS: 5° 46′ 75.95″ N, 100° 24′ 20.47″ E


StevenGo Travel Hong Kong – Day Two


For those who have been following my Day 1 in Hong Kong video, this will be the Day 2 of my visit to Hong Kong. During this video, I will provide some tips on how to get a better rate for the Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and a review on the quality of the food that I had tried.

Click the video below and I hope this will give you a guide and some inspirations when planning for a trip to Hong Kong.

StevenGo Travel Hong Kong – Day One


Planing for a “free and easy trip” has always been a hardest part as you need to do some homework before traveling. Following group tours is the easy way out but you need to follow the schedule and also you are paying for what you usually do not want such as dining in restaurants which are catered for group tours and bringing to souvenir shops which some require you to make a purchase or pay commission to the tour guide. It would be much easier if we could follow what we want especially if we have some tips and guides to follow.

The video below is my day one in Hong Kong and I hope this will give you a guide and some inspirations when planning for a trip to Hong Kong.