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How to Spend Fun and Quality Time with Kids? #2 – Baking Rooster German Cookies


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Instead of letting you kids spending time on the screen, why not ask them to be your little helper in the kitchen by baking some simple CNY cookies. Below is a simple and easy way of making Rooster German Cookies. Happy baking!

Hotel Vistana, Bayan Lepas – Celebration of The Rooster Year 2017

The blossom of flowers with golden red decorations signifies that Lunar New Year is approaching, which also marks that Chinese New Year is around the corner. During this time every year, Vistana Hotel will come out with a series of exquisite dishes to welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year.


There are several dinner sets available. The one featured below is the Set Menu 3 for RM988.00++

Salmon Yee Sang, this dish comes with raw salmon slices, crushed peanuts, shredded vegetables, condiments and deep fried yam slices. The taste of the yee sang was actually quite standard as most of the ingredients are standard. The salmon slices were very fresh.


The first dish of every Chinese New Year meal begins with “Lou Sang” where everyone on the table will toss the ingredients on the Yee Sang together.


Imagine the messiness of this dish once the tossing is completed. However as a tradition, the messier it gets the better it is for everyone as it symbolises abundance, prosperity and health for this coming year.


Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng and Chicken Herbs. This soup has been double-boiled with chicken pieces, ginseng, wolfberries and also some other Chinese herbs for long hours. The aroma of the herbs blended very well with fragrance from the chicken.


Fried Boneless Chicken with Spicy Mayo. The chicken thigh was deboned and then battered. Serving together with this dish was some homemade spicy mayo sauce. This dish can really spice up your life.


Steamed Red Lion Fish with Superior Soy Sauce, the whole red lion fish was steam with superior grade soy sauce and topped with ginger slices, red chili shreds, spring onions and coriander. I personally feel the taste of the soy sauce was somewhat similar to Maggie seasoning sauce with some mixture of other types of soy sauce. However, the overall taste of this steamed fish was still marvelous.


Braised Broccoli with Black Mushroom Pacific Clams and Fatt Choy. This dish was braised with broccolli, black mushrooms, Pacific clams and fatt choy. These days it is not easy to get fatt choy due to sea pollution. Hence, this dish is very exclusive.


Chef’s Special Deep Fried Prawns tasted crispy and prawns were fresh.


Gemini Fried Rice with Assorted Meat and Vegetables. The fried rice was cooked with anchovies, ebiko, mixed peas and Chinese sausages. The fried rice had a nice wok aroma.


Double Boiled Dried Longan and Red Dates with Glutinous Rice Balls. The taste of the soup was not too sweet and packed with red dates and longan taste. The glutinous rice balls were stuffed with black sesame paste which created a “bursting” bite-feel.

Serving together was the Sweet Rice Cake which made a great combination.


Overall, the taste of the Chinese New Year Dishes was considered quite localized but of better standard than some of the hotels in Penang. Parking is available at the basement of the hotel.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 6:00pm – 10:00pm dinner (7 days a week)
Contact: 04 – 6468000
Address: Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul, 213 Jalan Bukit Gambir, Bukit Jambul,11950 Penang
GPS: 5.3363323, 100.2893143

How to Spend Fun and Quality Time with Kids? #1 – Cooking Kimchi Fried Rice


Nowadays, most of the kids spend their spare time on mobile devices or PC for games and movies. Have you ever wondered how to spend a quality, educational and yet fun time with your kids? Well, cooking together with kids can be very fun. Check out my video below for more details:

Sakura Living, M Mall – The Shop for Premium Japanese Goodies

If you are looking for some premium imported Japanese goodies, the only way is to travel to Japan. However, the problem is we don’t travel to Japan that often.


Sakura Living has made it easy for us now as we can now get all the premium Japanese goodies from the shop located in M Mall (Penang Times Square).


Sakura Living sells almost everything which are imported from Japan, from Snacks…..


To liquors…..




and Cosmetics.


One of the selling points about Sakura Living is the premium chocolate from Japan, Shiroi Koibito – Ishiya (白色恋人). This premium chocolate from Japan hardly got out from Japan due to their shorter shelf life. Despite the challenges, the owner, Mr. Goh still brings this to the shelves of Sakura Living.


Meltykiss chocolate is also one of the famous chocolates which is available here. This chocolate needs to be stored in cool temperature as it can melt easily in our hot and humid weather.


The famous Milky chocolate is also sold here at Sakura Living.


Apart from the premium chocolate from Japan, the mini dried crab snack “Tamagogani” is also available at the shop.


The scallop snacks which are imported directly from Hokkaido can be a great pairin with beer, sake or various kinds of drinks.


The Japanese Sake is also available here and the price is also very reasonable.


Not just varieties of alcohols available here. In fact, there are also varieties of sparkling and mineral waters selling here too.


This type of water is contains collagen, which is something unique and new to me.


There is another section in the shop selling kitchenware and beauty products. You can find things like electrical kettle, racks and even ovens.


Yukatas for both adults and kids are available.


Guys and girls who like to look good will be thrilled to find a range of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products here.




Ashiya from Japan which is the premium Japanese cosmetic brand, can only be found at Sakura Living. The uniqueness of Ashiya is their product has been used in hospitals in Japan to rejuvenate damaged or burnt skin. It can also be used to promote younger looking skin.


For more details about Sakura Living, please have a look at my Facebook video:

Overall, this place is packed with Premium quality goods imported from Japan. If you are not willing to spend to travel to Japan to get your Japanese food or cosmetics, Sakura Living has almost everything that you need.

Address: 79-G-12A,12B, M Mall O2O, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang.
GPS: 5.4119159,100.3238278

G Hotel’s Taste Cafe – 2016 Christmas Buffet


When it comes to welcoming festive season, G Hotel always tops the chart for being creative. It has never failed to impress visitors for its magnificent festive decorations especially during Christmas. This year, G Hotel Taste Cafe has offered Christmas Eve Buffet, Christmas Brunch and Christmas Dinner to usher this joyful season. Each buffet is priced at RM160 nett per person. Children will be able to enjoy the buffets at half of the stated price. At Spoon, the price is at RM150 nett per person.

For an overview of how the buffet is like at Taste Cafe, please view my video below:

Christmas Eve Dinner/Day Brunch/Day Dinner
RM 160 nett (24th & 25th December 2016)
New Year’s Eve Dinner
RM 188 nett (31st December 2016)
*A complimentary glass of sparkling wine
New Year’s Day Brunch
RM 109 nett (1st January 2017)
For reservations, please call +604 238 0000.
Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):
Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available
Address: 168A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
GPS: 5.4376445, 100.3083317

Sushi Mentai, All Season Place – Affordable Sushi

The name Sushi Mentai stems from Mentaiko, a sought-after top fish roe dish lightly flavoured with sauce, and a household Japanese dish. Sushi Mentai’s signature dishes are also specially served with an in-house concocted Mentai sauce to bring out the flavours of the inherent ingredients. The culinary experience will necessarily be a palatable one. Sushi Mentai is one of the places in Penang that you can get some affordable and nice Japanese food around.


Check out my video below for more details:

DCOVA Cafe, Georgetown – The New Delicious Menu

Known for its great coffee and pasta, Dcova has introduced a new list of food items which look exciting and promising. They are set to cater for current needs. The new menu of this cafe has brought the standard of the cafe to a whole new level.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole – RM27.90. Cooked with an abundance of clams, garlic, olive oil, bird’s eye chili and a touch of pepper.


This spaghetti was packed with freshness and sweetness of the clams. The slight spiciness of the spaghetti was an additional booster to its flavours. This is one of the dishes that I would come back for.


Tomato Spaghetti – RM26.90, cooked with fresh tomatoes and tossed with herbs, clams and prawns before topping it with pepper and coriander.


This pasta is an appetizing alternative as the sauce was made from fresh tomatoes which tasted sourish and refreshing. Topping it with clams and prawns had further enhanced the dish to give it some richness from the seafood.


Pesta Pesto – RM25.90, This dish is a combination of pesto sauce which was made from fresh basil leaves, garlic and olive oil. Serving together with it were fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and back bacon.


The taste of fresh green pesto sauce blended very well with the bacon. This dish was so addictive that I would not be able to stop myself for more.


Pasta Al Nero di Seppia – RM27.90. Squid ink is said to be beneficial to our health. So why not trying Dcova’s squid ink pasta? The shiny black texture of the pasta was contrasted with the bright orange ebiko, slices of squids and cherry tomatoes.


Compare to some other squid ink pasta, the uniqueness of this dish is the ink itself which had no fishy seafood scent and the inclusion of ebiko made this dish even more outstanding.


Sakura Ebi Pasta – RM26.90, pasta which was cooked with sakura ebi imported from Japan. This dish is only available during the Sakura Ebi season.


The fusion of pasta with Japanese Ebi is something really special. The crunchiness of the ebi complemented very well with the pasta.


Italian-Japanese fusion Teriyaki Tori – RM26.90. Succulent chunks of marinated chicken thigh sauteed in Teriyaki sauce all the way from Japan.


This is another great fusion by the chef. The slightly sweet teriyaki sauce certainly made a nice twist when it is served with pasta.


 Minty White Igloo, this unique dessert was made from mint mousse, crunchy chocolate disc, 64% dark ganache, pâte sablée. The dessert was not too sweet and serving it with refreshing mint mousse was an excellent combination.


Raspberry White Chocolate, the cake was baked with white chocolate mousse, raspberry gelée and vanilla sponge. This is something sweet and rich to end our meal.


To welcome this coming festive season, which is Christmas, DCOVA has prepared a great take away for their diners. With a minimum spending of RM150 and above, a loaf of fruit cake will be yours to take home!


Overall, the food here was prepared with passion and great innovation. The price was definitely resonable as the portion was generous and the ingredients used were of top grade quality. The only drawback is the difficulty to get parking around this place.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm, Open Daily.
Contact: 04-261 3121
Address:  Logan Heritage No.4, Bishop Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang
GPS: 5° 41′ 80.75″ N, 100° 34′ 26.19″ E