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Men’s Kitchen, Lebuh Armenian – Tastefully Durian Delight

For durian lovers, the usual months of durian season in May – July will not be sufficient to cater for their huge cravings. I used to be one of them who will hunt for great durians everywhere and like any other durian lovers I can eat a plate of plain white rice served with fresh durians. For health reasons, I am cutting down the intake of durians. But this does not stop me from trying out food made out of fresh durians. There is a new shop at Lebuh Armenian inside Yap Kongsi which is very niche in the market as it incorporates durian into its desserts and pastries.


The shop is known as Men’s Kitchen. This is the place that focuses on food and drinks made out of durian.


The reason that this shop is called Men’s Kitchen is due to the kitchen is a “all-men show”. The ladies will be serving the customers instead.


Durian Baked Bun – RM4.50, Upon arriving we were welcomed by the sight of durian buns prepared by the men in the kitchen. It sure did look plain prior to baking.


But when they were brought out from the oven, the entire shop was filled with strong aroma of pastry and durian. The buns were baked till golden yellow and they looked so fluffy in the moulds.


For those that love durian, this is the perfect bun for you. However, those who don’t appreciate durians will feel that it smells like a leaking gas.


Durian Portuguese Tart (each) – RM4.00, from the look of it, there is not much difference from the regular Portuguese Tart. However, putting it close to your nose will give you a strong scent of durian aroma. When taking a bite you can feel the rich and thick texture with strong durian flavour. This is a great innovation that  no other place that I know of in Penang can offer this marvelous durian Portuguese tart.


Durian Ice Fire Roll (per set) – RM12, The soft filling of durian paste was covered with a thin and crispy layer of skin. The outer layer was crispy while the inner filling part was soft, making it a perfect combination. The making of the roll was done using cold water before being brought to deep fried, and thus the name “Ice Fire” roll.


Durian Creme Brulee – RM8.50, one of my favorite desserts. Most of the time I can only find vanilla creme brulee, chocolate creme brulee and green tea creme brulee. This is the first time I came across Durian Creme Brulee and without any doubt it was good.


Durian Pudding – RM8.00, besides durian brulee, they serve durian pudding as well. The texture was very smooth and soft and with a strong durian flavour in it. All the ingredients blended together perfectly.


Durian Spring Roll (per set) – RM6.00, the spring rolls that we usually encounter in market are wrapped with veggie. However the spring rolls here are wrapped with durian paste. It tasted unique and fresh especially when served hot.


Durian Wantan – RM5.00, the wantans were stuffed with durian kaya (coconut jam). Although this is a very special dish, I personally do not prefer this dish as to me deep fried wantan skin and durian kaya don’t complement each other very well.


Durian Kaya – RM8.50, coconut jam with pandan leaves and eggs are those that are commonly available in the market. But for kaya to include some durian flavour is something quite new. For durian lovers you can consider spreading this to your toasts.


For those who do not fancy durians, fear not as this shop has many other food and drinks which are made from non-durian ingredients.

Smoked Duck Ramen – RM4.50, a few slices of smoke ducks are placed on top of the ramen with soup and is served with 1/2 side of boiled egg and some spring onions. The clear soup tasted so refreshing and good.


Kimchi Ramen – RM4.50, for spicy lovers this is a great option. The taste of the kimchi was spicy and slightly sourish. The drawback is the taste of kimchi is on the saltier side.


Dry Ramen – RM5.50,  instead of wantan noodle that is commonly used, this restaurant is serving ramen as a replacement. The texture and the bite feel of the ramen is more chewy and thus making it more palatable.


Chicken Rice (per set) – RM5.50, for those looking for something that is safe, you may try their chicken rice.


Drumstick Lor Bak – RM12.00, the highlight of this dish is they use meat from the drumstick to make the meat filling.


Fire Wantan (per set) – RM5.00, the common deep fried wantan.


Fruit Konnyaku Dessert – RM5,  the dessert which is prepared using konnyaku jelly with stuffed fruit inside and served with a slice of lemon for a more appetizing taste.


The other available drinks are:

  • Pandan Tea – RM3.00
  • Lemon Grass Tea – RM3.00
  • Butterfly Peas Tea RM3.50
  • Doraemon Ice RM4.50


Bubble Ice Coffee – RM3.50, the house blend iced coffee which is served with thick foam. This is something unique and is also known as 3-tiered coffee.


Durian Latte – RM8.50, this cold and thick latte was packed with durian flavor. It is a great mixture of coffee and durian all together.


The overview of the scrumptious food served at Men’s kitchen.


Overall, the main focus of the food here is durian-infused desserts and drinks. The taste of all the food here were unique and delicious. The drawback is no other than parking as it is situated along the tourist belt of Armenian Street. But it is also a good opportunity for locals to walk along and explore the cultural and happening street. The price of the dishes here is slightly on the high side but with the authentic taste of durian in the dishes, this is something priceless for durian lovers.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available
Operation hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm (Opens Daily)
Contact: 04-251 9945
Address:  71, Armenian Street, 10200 George Town, Penang.
GPS: 5.4156183,100.3361485

Farquhar Mansion, Lebuh Farquhar – The Prestigious Fine Dining Restaurant

Prestige is the only word that I can think of to describe Farquhar Mansion. The mansion is aiming at providing a classy ambience to its customers. The food here is prepared using high quality ingredients and with full of passion. The servers are attentive and trained well to provide top-notch service to the customers.


Located at the center of Georgetown and directly opposite of E&O Hotel, Farquhar Mansion stood out elegantly at night.


Once you feel you are ready to be all sophisticated and stylish, you are ready to enter the mansion. Just like other fine-dining mansions, the interior is posh and classy. Most of the mansion’s structure had been restored except for the flooring as it is still in good condition.


Most of the tables are catered for couples except for a few tables which can cater for more than 2 persons. This is to give diners more privacy and a comfortable dining experience.


There are also private rooms for members which are located at the top floor of the mansion.


The private lounge for members to gather and appreciate the live band’s performance at night.


Each private room has a unique theme.


One of the great options available at Farquhar Mansion is the Chef’s Tasting Menu. It is a set dinner with a few main courses to choose from:


The Pre-Starter:

Amuse Bouchee:

  • Potato | Cream | Black Olive
  • Salmon Skin | Ebiko | Micro Greens
  • Cod Ball | Bearnaise | Potato Noodle

This starter looked very “earthly” and it felt like bringing us back to nature. The sequence of enjoying this pre-starter is to start from right to left. The chef had creatively presented this starter to let the guests had the feeling of eating plants and soil (pun not intended). The “soil” was made from edible crumbled charcoal and ginger and honestly it was delicious and full of bite texture. The “plants” on the other hand consisted of potato, salmon skin and cod ball. All the items including the soil are edible.



Mushroom Terroir

Portobello | Onion | Asparagus | Mushroom Soil | Truffle Oil

The truffle oil is the highlight of this dish, the portion might be little but it managed to implant a significant truffle aroma to the dish. Topping on it were asparagus and cheese-baked portobello mushroom. This was the first part of the exclusive starter.


Foie Gras Flavour

Apple Chutney | Foie Gras Foam | Berries Brioche | Port Wine Emulsion, which was the 2nd part of the exclusive starter.

The preparation of Foie Gras was made into foam-like texture which melted in the mouth. It was perfectly grilled while retaining its soft texture. The golden brown exterior gave an aromatic taste while the inner portion was still soft. Serving together with it were apple chutney and berries brioche to offset the rich-taste foie gras.


Broccoli Espuma

Air Dried Leek | Oyster | Bechamel

The cream of broccoli soup may not be too appealing to some but the soup tasted rich, creamy and smooth. It was more like a comfort food with an addition of oyster and air-dried leek to boost up its taste and texture.


The homemade breads included olive ciabatta and foccasia which were served while they were warm. To pair with the breads there were 3 homemade butters which included the classical salted butter, sun dried cherry tomato butter and herbs butter.


Palate Cleanser:

Homemade Lychee Caneta as the palate cleanser. It was made from lemon juice and wolfberries. It tasted sourish and sweet and was very refreshing.


The Main Course Options:

Half-Grilled Trout

Summer Vege | Potato | Quail Egg | Soy Glazed | Ikura  – RM228


Amaki Tuna

Croquette Potato | Cherry Relish | Hollandaise | Butter Vege – RM228


Chilean Cod
Lentils | Potato | Sweet Pea | Chive | Yuzu – RM258


Premier Australian Lamb Rack
Ravioli | Roasted Beet Root | Chutney | Sweet Pea | Lamb Jus – RM258

Duck Texture
Glazed Duck Breast | Filo Duck Rillettes | Duck Confit | Summer Vege – RM228

One of the mains that we had was the Duck Texture. The texture of the duck confit and duck breast was tender and juicy. Serving together with the dish was also a piece of filo duck rillette (like Chinese siu pau with shredded duck meat) and some summer vege.


Black Angus Tenderloin
Beef Cheek Ravioli | Potato Cream | Onion Jam | Asparagus | Beef Jus – RM288

We also had the Black Angus Tenderloin as our second main. Those who know me well would know that I would determine the standard of a restaurant by judging from the way the steak is cooked. To cook a perfect steak, the chef needs to control the fire very well. The steak at Farquhar Mansion did not fail me. I really love the tenderness of the dish and the red wine sauce paired very well with the medium-rare steak.


Cheese Platter

Cheeses | Grapes | Apricot | Fig Jam

The pre-dessert consisted of a cheese platter. Brie cheese and onion chive cheese were served in this plate together with some grapes, apricot and fig preserve. The cheeses paired well with the thinly-sliced and crispy focaccia bread and refreshing fruits.


Mango Coconut Cheese Cake | Mango Compote | Mango Sorbet | Panna Cotta.

The ultimate mango dessert for mango lovers. Most of the items in this dessert plate were made from mango. From the rich and aromatic mango coconut cheese cake and the delightful mango compote, to the mouth-watering mango sorbet and smooth mango-flavoured panna cotta. It might not sound too fancy but it is my favourite kind of dessert due to my love for mangoes.


Overall, this place has everything a fine-dining restaurant should have. The only difference here is kids are not banned from this mansion which is a plus point for families with kids unlike other fine-dining restaurants. The dishes were great although most of the names sounded foreign to me. Parking is not a concern at all as there are private parking slots for diners and members. Since this place serves fine foods, the price of the food is high. For myself, I will only dine here when there is a special occasion.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available
Operation hours: 12 pm – 3 pm; 6 pm – 12 am (last order for restaurant dishes at 10 pm). Opens Daily.
Contact: 019- 528 8933
Address:  No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5.423333, 100.334156


Introducing Penang Famous Food, Peanut Barley Candy (Part 10) – With Tripvid


Peanut Barley Candy is an old school snack which is not that common nowadays. The peanut barley candy is made of some crushed peanuts, sugar and some vegetable oil. A lot of younger generation kids do not know the original name of this snack. The correct name of this candy is actually known as “ark am” 鸭颈 (literally translated as duck neck) due to the shape of the candy resembles a duck’s neck. It is also commonly known as “Gong Theng” in Hokkien. The candy is crunchy and sweet on the inside and wrapped with a thin layer of soft and savory popiah skin, all of these are handmade locally in Penang Chowrasta Market.

Fonterra Anchor Say Cheese Product Launch

As we know Fonterra is famous for its dairy products, one of it is Anchor butter. The butter is found in almost every supermarket in Malaysia. But do you know that they have Anchor Cream Cheese too? Recently, Frontera has launched its second phase of Anchor Say Cheese campaign which introduces an exclusive assortment of Anchor-branded desserts, a first of its kind in market. Together with its selected bakery partners, Fonterra continues to delight customers with limited-edition desserts created by Fonterra’s own in-house patisserie chefs using top quality real butter, cream cheese, milk and cream from its highly popular Anchor range.

Another thing to be emphasize is all the dairy products from Fonterra are freshly imported from New Zeland where there will not be any artificial processes nor preservatives added to the products. Anchor’s signature creations are available from now until December 2016 and the partners include Bread History in Penang, The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung, Born n Breads in Ipoh, Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca, Veluxe Cake House in Skudai, Fung Seng in Muar, Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu, Taka in Kuching and Hot Cross Bun in Miri.


Among the Chef’s Signature Series using Anchor products are:

First Love – RM3.20  The pastry which has been coated with brown sugar. The filling consists of cream cheese with a hint of lemon zest and brown sugar which is exclusively from Anchor’s chef secret recipe. This is one of my favorites. The cream cheese which has been mixed with brown sugar and lemon zest balances up the richness of the cheese while the fragrant and slightly sourish of the lemon zest has made the cheese more appetizing. The addition of brown sugar is also not as sweet as it sounds.


The brown sugar covering the outer part gives a slightly crunchy texture while the inner part of the rich and creamy cream cheese is soft. The combination is simple yet it is so satisfying, just like the feeling of First Love.


Lady Marmalade – RM3.20. Soft bun topped with orange marmalade slices and incorporated with Anchor cream cheese filling. The cream cheese has been mixed with orange zest instead.


The taste of the soft bun is covered with caramelized orange and is stuffed with rich and aromatic cream cheese. It gives a balanced taste of rich and appetizing.


Almond Rosa -RM6.50. Almond and butter cake sandwiched with cream cheese. A nutty and butter sponge cake with rich layer of Anchor cream cheese.


The almond taste is very mild as fresh almonds are being used. This is one of the cake varieties made with Anchor cream cheese. It is more rich and heavy in taste versus the light and fluffy buns above.


Cheeznie Brownie – RM6.50, Chocolate Brownie with cream cheese and walnuts.


The way of preparation is almost the same as Almond Rosa, the only difference is that the cake has been stuffed with crushed walnuts, thus having a more nutty texture.


Overall, this is a great way to enjoy Anchor cream cheese by incorporating it into a series of breads and pastries. The cream cheese has a stronger milky taste and it is more commonly acceptable by locals. The series of Anchor Say Cheese products is available in many bakeries throughout Malaysia.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (the more stars the cheaper)
Food Presentation

Anchor’s signature creations are available from now until December 2016 and the partners include:

  • Bread History in Penang
  • The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung
  • Born n Breads in Ipoh
  • Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca
  • Veluxe Cake House in Skudai, Fung Seng in Muar
  • Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu
  • Taka in Kuching
  • Hot Cross Bun in Miri.



Corgi and The Gang, Tanjung Tokong – Dining with Furry Friends

There are not many restaurants in Malaysia which allow pets in their restaurants, especially those that adhere to the religion and enforcement rules. For pet lovers, it is a very difficult situation as they treat pets as their own children a.k.a “fur kids” and love to bring them around wherever they go. If you have a fur kid and are staying in Penang, fear not! There is a new pet-friendly cafe which allows you to bring your pet(s) to dine in the cafe.


The new cafe is located at Jalan Mount Erskine with the name “Corgi & The Gang”. Apparently this shop is also a pet shop and hotel where you can board your pets here when you are out of town or send your pets for grooming and such. At the same time, this place has also been setup as a cafe for customers to dine and chill while cuddling with the furry friends.


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Miam Miam Restaurant, Gurney Paragon – House of Japanese & French Cuisine

Many people have mistaken that Miam Miam is under the same roof as Franco as both outlets offer almost the same food and drinks on their menu. In reality, they have no connection to each other in business terms and they are separate entities. A little bit of background on Miam Miam, it established its first outlet in Penang and then expanded to several outlets in Singapore. I still remember my first visit to Miam Miam was back in 2013.


My favorite back then was their famous Iced Matcha Latte with Softee and my favorite food was French Lobster Bisque Pasta. Until today, I still can remember the taste of these food as they tasted unique and delicious. These old favourites are still available at Miam Miam today, but it has also come out with a list of new and improvised menu to cater the need of diners.


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Macalister Mansion – A celebration of George Town Festival

To commemorate George Town Festival, many restaurants and eateries have come out with special menu with a focus on Penang’s rich food culture. This year, Macslister Masion is one of the participants and they have created a list of menu named as “Penang Native” to cater for this special occasion. With the miracle touch of Chef Johnson Wong, the normal Penang street food has been transformed into classy fine dining food. The concept of Penang Native Menu is to enable diners to try out most of the Penang street food within a meal list.



Canapé – texture of lemon

  • duck tartled – with lemon mouses and Crispy beetroot
  • deep fried filo – with fish cracker and truffle sabayon


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